Xichang garbage classification is coming to invest 40 million yuan to complete garbage classification and collection facilities update by the end of the year

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Liangshan news dispatch (liangshan daily reporters Than wood, los) recently, the reporter learns from xichang city administration, according to the liangshan prefecture living garbage classification and disposal work plan “requirement, xichang as garbage classification pioneer liangshan prefecture (city), by 2023 xichang public institutions will be the basic living garbage classification management main body and a complete coverage of collection facilities.This year, Xichang will standard the new regulations of the national sanitary city, invest 40 million yuan, strive to complete the city’s public area garbage sorting collection facilities and equipment update by the end of the year.Xichang city, in line with the idea of pilot first, focuses on promoting the establishment of household garbage classification delivery, collection, transportation and treatment system and cultivating residents’ household garbage classification habits.Among them, in front of household garbage classification and collection, Xichang city relying on the Moon Lake, Taojiaci and other household garbage transfer stations has built 8 household garbage classification and collection points;Complete the installation of more than 2,000 sets of garbage sorting and collection barrels and more than 370 sets of publicity boards and billboards in party and government organs, schools, hospitals and other facilities.In the aspect of domestic garbage middle classification transportation, Xichang city other garbage transportation vehicles have been configured 167, restaurant garbage transportation vehicles have been configured 9.Among them, other garbage transport vehicles shall set up special collection containers for recyclables and toxic and harmful wastes according to the production volume of recyclables and toxic and harmful wastes, and carry out classified transportation.In terms of terminal classification and disposal of domestic waste, the second phase of domestic waste incineration power generation project was completed and put into operation, with an additional treatment capacity of 600 tons/day, which is closed with the first phase project, and the total treatment scale is 1200 tons/day.Construction and operation of kitchen waste treatment project, the treatment scale is 110 tons/day;One renewable resource market has been built and operated, with a collection scale of about 200 tons/day;After temporary storage of toxic and harmful wastes, apply for trans-regional disposal.Last year, Xichang collected, transported and disposed of 228,000 tons of household waste and 675.66 tons of kitchen waste.About 60,000 tons of recyclable materials will be collected, and about 0.1 tons of hazardous waste will be temporarily stored.In terms of household garbage classification publicity, Xichang issued 128,000 copies of household garbage Classification Operation Guide and household garbage classification leaflets, providing citizens with a simple and clear household garbage classification operation process.16 groups of intelligent household garbage classification devices were put into public areas such as Hedong Avenue of Liangshan Ethnic Stadium to build a citizen experience platform and further guide citizens to establish garbage classification awareness.In terms of promoting the pilot work of household garbage classification, the procurement project of household garbage classification facilities and equipment in public areas of Beicheng Street Office and the pilot project of integrated market operation of sanitation and garbage classification of Hainan Street Office have both completed the procurement and contract signing, and it is expected to start the household garbage classification and delivery in late March.Next, Xichang city will target, further improve the supervision of garbage classification work, urge the responsible units to strengthen garbage classification publicity and facilities and equipment Settings, form a stronger atmosphere of garbage classification, and strive to complete the demonstration of a street office in 2023 to create tasks.At the same time, according to the basic principle of moving from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, priority will be given to the sorting and disposal of harmful garbage, recyclables and kitchen garbage that are common in daily life. If the category of garbage is not clear for the time being, other garbage will be collected, transported and disposed of first.We advocate not excessive packaging, do not take the initiative to provide disposable products, encourage the use of recycled paper products, and promote the reduction of household garbage sources.And on the basis of the existing household garbage collection and transportation system, according to local conditions, according to the promotion of household garbage classification work, timely planning of classification and transportation frequency, time and route, and sufficient and complete classification and transportation vehicles, promote the classification and transportation system to further improve.Supervision over the operation of xichang restaurant kitchen waste treatment plant and Sanfeng Household waste incineration power plant will be strengthened, the construction of facilities related to hazardous waste temporary storage sites will be improved, and the classification and treatment capacity will be enhanced.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com