Wisdom Gained from Reading History: The Twelfth Chapter of The Han Dynasty in Shizhi Tongjian

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But also, sacrifice huangdi tomb bridge hill, such as the interpretation of the soldiers.The top said, “I heard that the yellow emperor is immortal. Now there is a tomb. Why also?”Gongsun Qing said, “The Yellow Emperor is already in heaven. His ministers are longing for him and burying his clothes.”Sighed and said, “When I ascended to heaven, the ministers should also bury my clothes in the East Ling?”But also ganquan, class ancestral temple too one.On the Bu type not xi article, demotion rank for prince Tai Fu, son wide generation for the imperial history doctor.Therefore, Emperor Wudi returned from his retreat and offered sacrifices to the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor on Qiaoshan. When he arrived at Xuru, he dismissed the enlisted soldiers.Emperor Wudi asked, “I have heard that yellow Emperor will never die, but now there is a tomb for him. Why is that?”Gongsun Qing said, “The Yellow Emperor has become an immortal and gone to heaven. The courtiers miss him, so they buried his clothes and robes here.”Emperor Wudi exclaimed, “When I ascend to heaven, will my courtiers bury my clothes in the East Mausoleum?”Emperor Wudi returned to Ganquan Palace and offered sacrifices to Taiyi God.Because bu Shi was not good at writing, Emperor Wudi demoted him to crown prince Taifu and appointed Erkuan to replace him as the imperial historian.(to be continued)