The 2021 Anti-fraud summary Report was released, and a security forum guided by the National Anti-fraud Center was launched

2022-05-15 0 By

IT home on February 18 news, under the guidance of the National Anti-fraud Center, Chinese Society of Criminology, Renmin University of China criminal Law Science Research Center, Tencent company security legal department jointly held the Internet security and criminal rule of law summit forum today, and online the whole network synchronous live.The official said that only “the whole people against fraud”, can realize the “world without fraud”.Understands IT’s home, in the network security event on the rule of law, tencent launched jointly by multiple teams’ anti-fraud annual reports the 2021 telecommunications network fraud governance research report, summary to restore the derivation characteristics of the trend of development of the telecom network fraud in 2021, and social cooperative combat governance effect, below is a report of a simple illustration.According to the introduction, the current stage of telecom network fraud is the most sea is “brush single rebate fraud”, and kill pig plate fraud, loan agent credit card fraud, impersonating e-commerce logistics customer service fraud, impersonating the public security law and government agencies fraud this old scam is also very common.Among them, most of the girls were cheated is “pretending to be e-commerce logistics customer service fraud”, and the boys recruited the most is the network dating, dating type of non-killing pig plate fraud;Men are also more likely to be cheated than women, making “gender” a male nightmare.