Shock!!!Zhang Yingying denied the scandal with Wang Xiaofei, the other side of the fierce material deleted seconds, two people were suspected of changing

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!On February 10, zhang Yingying, Wang Xiaofei’s rumored girlfriend, posted a post about her relationship with Wang Xiaofei, sparking a heated debate.According to screenshots posted online, Zhang yingying said she had no relationship with Wang Xiaofei.She then shocked the world by revealing that Wang “has relationships with a lot of girls” and then deleting the photo.The screenshot has since gone viral online, causing considerable controversy.Now, zhang yingying’s social media accounts are empty, and it is not clear what new material will be revealed next.Although Zhang yingying claims that she has no relationship with Wang Xiaofei, their previous close interactions do not look like they have no relationship, leading to speculation that they quarreled and changed their feelings.A few days ago, gossip media photographed Wang xiaofei and Zhang Yingying at a party together.At that time, Wang Xiaofei was drunk and unsteady, and could not even walk well, but he still stared at Zhang yingying affectionately. He even pulled Zhang Yingying to his side, grabbed her fingers and locked them.And Zhang Yingying in the side to entertain guests, just like the owner of the same laugh, momentum is very full.Earlier, zhang yingying was photographed entering Wang xiaofei’s mansion as freely as a hostess.And Zhang Yingying and Wang Xiaofei’s mother Zhang LAN’s relationship seems to be quite good, two people not only have the same necklace, but also close together with the tour of Mount Tai.At the end of last year, well-known entertainment in Taiwan revealed that Wang Xiaofei had taken Zhang Yingying to Beijing United Family Hospital for abortion, and to compensate the woman took her to Shanghai to meet his idols Wu Qixian and Zhang Xinzhe.Although Wang Xiaofei and Zhang LAN have repeatedly denied these rumors in a strong tone, but the content of the Revelations, we always feel that Sooner or later Zhang Yingying will have to become a full-time employee.It is worth mentioning that, like ordinary netizens, Wang Sicong, who likes to eat melons on the line, once mocked Wang xiaofei’s “stiff lips” when she announced that she would send a lawyer’s letter to clarify the scandal.Now, zhang Yingying, who has always been silent, suddenly distanced herself from Wang Xiaofei, making the scandal even more confusing.Still, many netizens felt zhang’s response seemed to be an angry remark, as she has a close relationship with Wang.In the midst of the heated discussion, Zhang Yingying sent a lawyer’s letter, saying that the screenshots posted online were forged and that she had never made relevant remarks.Did not think the whole thing is a mistake, really let a person accident, this zhang Yingying oneself estimate is also quite depressed, puzzling back a pot.# wang Xiaofei #, # Zhang Yingying broke the news #, # Wang Xiaofei scandal # author: Hairy ball: Cherry This article by Gai Fan Entertainment original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!Entertainment more highlights: Zhao Benshan lazy li female apprentice disturbance, white hair with his wife party, smile to eat big potted vegetables Wu Minxia sun baby meal!20 dishes a day is not the same, once in order to reduce the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law live in the child center Wang Yuelun with young girls to travel!Sweet bag is not afraid of the camera, the woman’s body hot brand