Li Yugang back home for the New Year, dress low-key su Yan show spirit, when the street dropped firecrackers play like children

2022-05-15 0 By

On January 30, Li yugang posted a video on his social media platform revealing that he had returned to his hometown in Jilin province to prepare for the Spring Festival.Perhaps due to his return to his hometown in the countryside, li yugang, 43, looked very down-to-earth. His hair was messy without makeup, and he looked very warm in a thick dark jacket and light trousers.His condition is maintained very well, his skin is fair and tight as the female star, and his figure is slim and his posture is straight, as if he is a big boy in his twenties.Li3 yu4 gang4 square ground walks in old home street, also not cover up a bit, return affectionately greet with folks, have no star AIRS.He watched fireworks and firecrackers with others, but also directly in the street to try firecrackers, happy to play like a child has not grown up, the mood is quite good.Yugang li although there is no on the CCTV Spring Festival gala this year, but before he had recorded the literary stage, some netizens exposure to encounter the day after tomorrow yugang li video, he just do half or without makeup modelling, elegant temperament, but it is still difficult to mask, red robe temperament conspicuous, rush around being pushed to walk still appear gentle atmosphere.But yugang li and there have been efforts to break through the self, such as the show “the flash of the band,” he challenged the avant-garde punk wind, modelling abnormality is bold, a suit of feathers are rock and roll style, the face also glows wearing goggles, spirited pretty eyes absorption, the harvest praised by many netizens, yugang li himself a lot of fun, performances are smile on her face.I hope Mr. Li Yugang can enjoy the rare holiday in his hometown in northeast China during the Spring Festival, and I also look forward to his bringing more excellent music works in the future.