The importance of strength was highlighted in the 2-0, 1-1 campaigns, with Liverpool overtaking Inter and bayern Munich

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No one can deny that in the law of the jungle the strong only get stronger, and the likes of Liverpool and Bayern Munich in the top five leagues are proof of that.Liverpool and Inter milan, bayern Munich and Red Bull Salzburg are two of the most popular contenders for the Uefa Champions League title this season.The strength of the Liverpool team is the construction of Klopp step by step, the past Champions League trophy is the best test;Inter milan, though the underdogs in Serie A, have shown their weakness against the top teams in the Group stages of the Champions League.Therefore, Liverpool only need to play steadily in this round of the campaign will have a high probability to break out, and Inter milan’s top position in Serie A is destined to make inter fans full of infinite expectations.The importance of tactics for a team can be fully seen from the performance of Liverpool and Inter milan in the opening stage. Inzaghi gave up his position at the top of Serie A completely in the face of a strong Liverpool team, and the players showed their unyielding ambition in the relentless struggle to build a solid defense.It was this simple change that kept Inter in Liverpool’s shadow, but the opening 20 minutes were as good as their opponents’ shooting rate and superior scoring chances.But inzaghi will face more difficulties in the next half as he struggles to get past van Dijk on the counter attack.I could sense inzaghi’s desperate move from inter’s advancing formation.Once again, klopp, who had been unable to attack for a long time, showed his masterclass and Liverpool’s increased intensity in midfield left the two sides completely out of balance.Liverpool finally broke inter’s defence with a corner kick in the 74th minute and substitute Firmino headed Liverpool home first.The goal seemed to open the way for Liverpool, with top striker Salah scoring the second on 83 minutes.The end of the game, Liverpool 2-0 cross inter Milan team.Overall, inzaghi kept Liverpool on the defensive, but it was the quality of his team that led to an undisputed defeat.Liverpool, on the other hand, proved that tactics are not worth talking about when it comes to sheer quality.The gap between Bayern Munich and Red Bull Salzburg was similar to the result of Manchester City and Sporting Lisbon yesterday, but the expected momentum of the campaign did not appear, but let Red Bull Salzburg through fighting and efforts in the jaws of the jaws.After 20 minutes or so, Red Bull salzburg took the lead with a stunning volley from Adyemi after a scalpel assist.In salzburg red bull striker extreme speed, bayern Munich team defense player ACTS awkward kuo, half split evenly between the two sides scoring rate with the same goal is proof of that, have to salzburg red bull coach said the choice of tactics have powerful bayern Munich player thoroughly in addiction, without any change in the second half,Perhaps the biggest upset of the Champions League.Unfortunately the Red Bull salzburg player made a fatal mistake in stoppage time to allow Bayern to score through a side attack.Throughout the game, I think the goal was achieved solely by koeman’s individual ability.Red Bull salzburg drew 1-1 with Bayern Munich.Looking at the overall situation, I think Bayern Munich has the absolute advantage, but Red Bull Salzburg’s five absolute scoring chances is undoubtedly the biggest irony of this big team.Therefore, xiaobian believes that the final outcome of this round of campaign is completely equivalent to a final counter-attack campaign for Bayern Munich team, which can prove that absolute strength is difficult to be superior to any tactics from the embodiment of players’ individual ability.Disclaimer: original article, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.