One point shy of the record for first place in history!Warriors can’t stop King James. At 37, he never gets old

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The Lakers trailed the Warriors 62-65 at halftime in what was billed as the NBA’s belated Gala.Lakers squad is better than the mighty obviously, they have a very luxurious five star lineup, but the big three gather, in contrast, the mighty god and wiggins, although there is a garage soup but pursue green injury against golden state’s influence is very big, because the warriors now lack of a lane, to guard James and heavy eyebrows.The biggest difference between the Warriors and the Lakers in the first quarter was their free throw percentage, with each team getting 12 free throws, but the lakers made six of 12 and the Warriors made 11 of 12.The good news is James was on fire, scoring 8 points and 3 rebounds, and killing like crazy.He also made an extremely difficult drifting layup down the baseline that stunned the Warriors, but James was out of his depth, and the lakers’ poor free throw shooting was surprising.And in the second quarter began, the lakers finally began to climb, mainly their perimeter gradually opened fire, the center on both sides of the Wayne rooney and heavy eyebrows elder brother have appeared three fouls in succession, the core players under the condition of three began to emerge, they can only play a small lineup, each other on either side of the basket is between their short board, the warriors will suppress the lakers, but the gap has been modest.Huang zhan terrorist impact shows out right now, especially in section 2 of the last two minutes of time, zhan emperor first a fake action to kill the basket easily hit, then 1 12 seconds James outside suddenly into three points, the three points into later, James scored the game came to 18 points, career regular season total score to 44149 + playoffs,He’s on his way to a great milestone, and if he can score just one more point, he’ll officially pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most career regular-season and playoff points in NBA history.James and Curry got into a duel, with MOE getting to the free throw line and a floater, and James setting up another screen for Bradley’s two-and-one in the final minute.At this point, Curry scored 6 points in a row with a counter jumper. Curry was terrible from the outside and missed one, but his 3 consecutive jumpers were great.James finished the first half with 18 points, six rebounds and four assists on 7-of-12 shooting and five points in a row late in the second quarter. Curry responded with six points in a row and finished the first half with 17 points, four rebounds and six assists on 5-of-11 shooting and 0-of-4 3s.Russell Westbrook had 10 points, one rebound and two assists. Tucker had 10 points, Thompson had 10 points, and Kuminga was a surprise for the Warriors, scoring 16 points and five rebounds on 7-of-8 shooting.