News: Tailing will join hands with Hunan TV 2022 Lantern Festival joy party to accompany you to make the Lantern Festival

2022-05-14 0 By

The thriving festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not dispersed, the Lantern Festival will follow.You should still remember the 2022 Hunan SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala, The Taiwan Bell super power model appeared in the party, accompanied millions of audiences around the world to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, won the he Jiong, Wang Han, Li Sha Minzi and other stars crazy call.Now the Lantern Festival is coming, Tailing continues to hold hands with Hunan SATELLITE TV 2022 Lantern Festival Joy party, with the theme of “Tiger laugh laugh Yuanxiao”, with youth laugh, fresh smile, happy smile into the year of the tiger into a strong vitality and kinetic energy, 19:30 On February 15, Tailing accompany everyone to play yuanxiao.In recent years, as a first-line brand bell become a ringing “flow king”, in the promotion means and content to adhere to continuous innovation, continuous upgrading, fire full media coverage.As is known to all, Hunan SATELLITE TV is the base camp of Chinese variety shows. Its audience rating is no less than THAT of CCTV, and its audience is targeted at the global Chinese.At the beginning of 2022, it has become the party partner of Hunan SATELLITE TV twice in a row, reaping strong audience rating and making good reputation deeply rooted in the hearts of ordinary people.