Japan’s legendary firework girl: standing on the street with gray hair, waiting for an American officer who won’t come back

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The status of Japanese women is lower than that of men. If their family is poor and they cannot find a golden husband to change their fate, these women will fall into the bottom of the society involuntarily.In the face of these lost sheep, the custom industry has played an attractive combination card: a chain of supporting kindergartens and small rooms, to solve the worries of single mothers, the high return for providing services, and many women can earn more money than working.But behind this high welfare treatment, filled with endless conspiracy traps, when a person began to sell his soul because of money or other reasons, committed to the person, her personality will constantly lower, until humble into the dust, can no longer open the flower of love.Even if there is a so-called love, it is likely to be a fling, not long lasting, Japan’s most famous street girl “Yokohama Mary” is such.Yokohama Mary, whose real name was Nishioka Snow, was born in Japan in 1922. She lived a comfortable life since childhood, systematically learning piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. In a carefree family atmosphere, she blossomed like a rose, until the haze of the war shrouded Japan, and everything changed.Her father was an officer who went to the front when the war came and died in battle.Her mother, devastated by the news of her father’s defeat, soon committed suicide and followed her husband.After the war, Japan was in a depression, and there was an extreme lack of living materials.But how could a young girl find a job that paid for her life?She was so hungry that she did not know what to do with herself.Suddenly one day, she saw the foreign club recruitment of female affairs staff news, some heart, because she can speak English since childhood, looks and extremely outstanding, is not just fit the requirements?When she went to apply for the job, she found that she had fallen into a trap. The government recruited comfort women in the name of “female affairs officer” and established the RAA Special Comfort Measures Association to provide services for American soldiers, in this way in exchange for the safety of most ordinary women in Japan.It sounds like the story of the Flowers of War, but the problem is that the Flowers of War volunteered, while ignorant women like Nishioka were forced to become lambs for the slaughter.Nishioka was forced to change into a gorgeous kimono, put on a bun, painted with thick makeup, sitting in front of one American soldier, waiting for her to be abused, ravaged fate, she burst into tears, deeply shook her hands into a fist, nail clippers pierced the flesh, white skin suddenly had blood.When the soldiers left, Nishioka curled up at the head of her bed, her heart prickling, her eyes numb. She tried to fight, but she didn’t know how to fight the tall Americans.She was not the only one, but many other comfort women were also tricked into these comfort houses under the desperate situation of social unrest, and used their weak bodies to provide services for the US military.Until a venereal disease virus spread between comfort women, message back to the United States, many American families after heard this matter, there is a strong sense of urgency, lodge objections with the Japanese, the Japanese finally the snowy place shut down, but the comfort women’s tragic fate is not over, both official and folk, and no one care about their life and death.The income they earned from serving American soldiers was withheld by institutions at all levels and The Japanese authorities. Their infected bodies could not be thoroughly cured. No matter where they went, they had to face people’s strange eyes.What’s more, after leaving the comfort site, they found that they once again had nowhere to go, just as they had before they became comfort women, ending the nightmare and bringing everything back to square one.Many women choose to return to the industry, but this time no longer after the official organization of smoke into and withhold, they stand in the street, waiting for the U.S. after, the hanging at the waist skirt, beaming with smiles, in broken English to America’s soldiers after greeting, befriend, waiting for them to come over to ask the price.Nishioka was one of them. Because she had a better temperament than the other girls, and could speak fluent English and play the piano, she soon gained the favor of many American soldiers, including an American officer, who fell in love with her.In xi-gang yukiko a backwater of heart, have no love is in the sun for so long, she got used to the darkness, accustomed to being roughed up, when she saw such a person, is willing to talk with her equally, took her hand for her to wear a jade ring, also gave her a kiss after xi-gang yukiko eyes well up with tears.She was distracted by love, went to her head, washed her hands and decided to quit the dirty business altogether.She also went to Yokohama with her officers in an attempt to settle there and live a safe life.Perhaps the qing Dynasty’s Dong Xiaowan had the same idea when she eloped with MAO Caijiang, a scholar, with all her treasures?They also encounter the same love tragedy, the same unreliable men.When the American officer was ordered to go home and hurried home, Nishioka never saw him again.He promised to come back for her as soon as everything was settled.And she believed.For many years, Nishioka would not leave the place where she had separated from the officer, wandering the streets of Yokohama in a lace gauze dress, lace gloves and a vintage parasol, a lonely figure.Waiting became the only thing in her life.Her face was so obscured by so much makeup that many assumed she was a foreigner and called her “Yokohama Mary.”Yokohama cherry blossom round and round, but snow has not waited for his sweetheart.Gradually, she grew old.Having no place to live, he made a simple bed with a chair and a suitcase, and lay down on it to rest when he was sleepy.In the winter of 1995, Nishioka returned to her hometown in despair. Ten years later, she died peacefully in a nursing home, ending the frustrations of this life, and also isolated the eyes of others who were joking or speculating outside the life and death of the earth.When a person has fallen into prostitution, their own personality collapse, most of the blind worship of love can only end hastily.Perhaps some people will think that Snow son died in the obsession of love, this life has been worth, but she this obsession and fantasy of love, and it is not a reluctant self moved?