I didn’t expect Liu Shishi wu to come to this day

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Thought Cecilia liu nicky wu also really didn’t go to this day, all of a sudden the entertainment circle and said the couple were divorced star husband and wife, this is a pair of peak flow, that’s right, 85 small Cecilia liu had come with nicky wu is divorce law procedures, incident fermentation has a half a day, still don’t see the retort, is this not true?Is really did not expect, Liu Shishi Wu Qilong will go to this step today, was said to have been divorced, the parties have not come out to refute rumors now, a lot of people almost believe!Recently, a group of comics on the hot search, the cartoon itself probably means that there was once a male artist, is older male actor, he and his agent, silent ten years with the agent, was a pale actress, from then on, the older male star fell in love with pale actress, and married together!But after a while, another agent appeared, very much like the front agent, and then the male hero began to love other, there are a few characteristics in the cartoon, the male star is older, she is pale yan department actress, and the two people are very affectionate, the front of the broker was inserted into the small Yue!Crucially, the comic also shared a photo of liu Shishi and nicky Wu’s wedding day.If the cartoon is spreading rumors, what about the news in the community below?Nicky Wu’s agent happens to be Ren Yue?Small yue?The names are all right!Is it too much of a coincidence?Pale yan is an actress, isn’t it Liu Shishi?Liu Shishi is that kind of light feeling, from the comics to the news, the feeling is Wu Qi Lung Liu Shishi!Cecilia liu and nicky wu has always been in love, don’t know how it is offended or, a good news to divorce, although once Yang mi hawick lau baby huang xiaoming, divorce and many stars are not unfounded, but orange is absolutely can’t believe that this thing will happen to Cecilia liu nicky wu, after all, nicky wu is really love Cecilia liu!Until the last official announcement we absolutely do not believe this kind of news, if it is a rumor, I hope Liu Shishi Wu Qilong stand out, rumors need to cost, rumor people must pay for this!However, there is a saying that there is no groundless evidence, why do we not talk about other actors, in fact, orange is now in the heart is not confident, really hope Liu Shishi come out to respond, many netizens said, do not come out is equal to acquiesce, ah!