“Golden Supporting actor” Wei Xiang: praised by Shen Teng Mali, he proved himself with hard work

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In 2003, 24-year-old Shen Teng wanted to follow Xie Na in Happy Camp.To my surprise, Shayna replied with one word: Get out.Later on the show, Shayna gave the reason: “MY position is not secure!”That year, is the second year that Xie Na became “fast Ben” host, that year, happy Mahua launched the first stage play “Want to eat mahua now give you twist”, He Jiong and Xie Na participated in the performance, Shen Teng at that time, is in his “appearance level peak”, talented he distance is popular, but also lack of experience and opportunity.Perhaps suffered uproot shayna refused, Shen Teng stay happy twist, since then, has been with him as a good brother, after a long time, in the film “the killer is not very calm” campaign, Shen Teng said: the good brothers will be “the biggest threat” in the future, after the movies will look have “xiang content”.Shen Teng said the “threat”, is always following his “golden supporting role” – Wei Xiang.On October 22, 1979, Wei Xiang was born in Mianyang, Sichuan Province. A day later, Shen Teng was born in Shenyang, northeast China.With Shen Teng “military art school grass” experience is different, Wei Xiang once in chongqing Armed Police Corps political art troupe, won third-class merit.In 2003, after the wei zifeng higher vocational class was admitted to Beijing film academy, where he met with the same love comedy big magic, peng peng big magic and happy twist 闫非 became young director, while filming “charlotte pains, two people to invite na ying, the results look at the two young lad, na ying asked 1: what do you think of the movie box office can sell?Yan fei replied: 5 billion.Peng big devil beside feeling said less, the result that English refused to play.Because peng devil introduction, Wei Xiang met Shen Teng.Unlike Shen Teng’s slack-footed approach, Wei Xiang’s acting is always a bit grandiose, but his talent for comedy is undeniable.Wei Xiang said: he is willing to be “green leaf”, a lifetime to tengge arm knife.If there were no accidents, these two would have become the “Stephen Chow and Wu Mengda” of Mahua Funage, but for talented people, there is always a chance of their own.In 2012, Ha Wen, general director of the Spring Festival Gala, watched Mahua Funage’s play in a small theater. After that, she invited Mahua Funage. That year, Shen Teng appeared in the Spring Festival Gala with Today’s Happiness, becoming hao Jian on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.In the following year’s CCTV Lantern Festival gala, Shen Teng led Wei Xiang, Allen and others in the sketch “闹 Yuanxiao”, in the sketch, Wei Xiang played “Li Kui” said a tongue twister: Turpan grapes ripe, big grapes, small grapes, not purple (eat) grapes.In comedy, Shen teng belongs to the “God chasing food” type, his performance has its own humor, and there is always a sense of relaxation.Wei Xiang, on the other hand, has always been more “outside” in his performance, aided by his voice, movements and even every muscle in his face.In 2015, The “Goodbye Mr. Loser” fire, then, Shen Teng participated in the “Happy Comedian”, on the stage, as an assistant wei Xiang let people praise frequently, sitting in the background yue Yunpeng can not help but sigh: Wei Xiang is really good.In the sketch white Snake Prequel, Wei Xiang plays xiaoqing, who is “amorous and charming”. After unveiling her veil, she acts as a charming and cute girl, exaggerated and artificial, but full of laughter.Later, Wei xiang appeared in many films and TV series as a “supporting role” — in The legend of Aid, he was guang Liang, the “Han Monk”. Some say wei xiang’s performance is even better than That of Guo Degang, who played the role of aid.In the spy of Joy directed by Bao Beier, Wei Xiang becomes MAO Gang, who is the opposite of cute. Bao Beier is one of the directors who “copy and fail”. Therefore, most of Bao Beier’s works are bad films, but in these works, many netizens will leave comments: just watch wei Xiang’s part.Later, Wei Xiang also played an indispensable role in Shen Teng’s films. In The Richest Man in West Hong City, Wei Xiang was the coach of the team of “three stutters and one pig”. He was a shrewd and philistinist.In “My Motherland and I,” Wei Xiang is a village head posing as a “Russian roommate.” He is warm-hearted and honest, and when Ma liang’s wife comes to visit him, he speaks the Russian pronunciation of “tigress.”In “Pegasus”, Wei Xiang is the team’s leaf manager. He is loyal and passionate. He is fired from the team because he lends his car to Shen Teng, but before leaving, he says goodbye to Shen Teng.Those years, because of these “supporting role” experience, sharpen Wei Xiang’s acting skills, finally, 23 years later, he ushered in his own opportunity to play a male number one.You just work hard, the worst result is just a late bloomer, we must have found that mahua Funage into the film circle, although launched six films, but the actors who can shoulder the box office, it seems that only Shen Teng and Ma Li.In this regard, Mahua Happy is also trying to launch other members, but no matter chang Yuan, or Huang Cailun, there are some “holding red” feeling.In 2019, Wei Xiang ushered in an opportunity, director Peng Damu and Yan Fei came to him, let him as the leading actor.When wei Xiang heard that he was going to play the leading role, he couldn’t believe his ears, even though he wanted to ask, “Why me?”In the movie, Wei Xiang’s character wei Chenggong utts the line: “I’ve been waiting for people with insight like you for years. What have you been doing?”I have to say that the film seems to be tailor-made for Wei Xiang — wei Chenggong, the protagonist of the film, is an actor with no acting skills. He has been working as a walk-on in the production team. This image is too close to Wei Xiang’s experience, so wei Xiang’s performance in the film is like a duck to water.Many netizens left comments: I wanted to see Ma Li, but wei Xiang turned me into a fan.In fact, Ma Li also praised Wei Xiang’s performance: no one else could play the leading role but Wei Xiang.Without saying so, anyone who has seen the film knows that even Shen Teng couldn’t have done the character any better.This year’s Spring Festival, starring Shen Teng aos family withdraw file, but the film is still “the fairy fight” : “watergate bridge of long jin lake” unstoppable, zhang yimou’s “sniper” although there is no too much publicity, but the word of mouth is getting better and better, “four seas” han han brought his new works, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng, Liu Haocun and flow.In this case, Wei Xiang starred in the killer is not too calm still became a “dark horse”.Of choice for the film, is the Spring Festival family programmes, the plot of the story, some as “the king of the comedy” Stephen chow, but among them, pay tribute to the many classics, wei zifeng’s performance in the movie, like the headmaster, so some say wei zifeng is headmaster “mainland”, someone said, Shen Teng can become a Stephen chow is bad to say, but wei zifeng’s headmaster.In response to such remarks, Wei xiang humbly said in an interview that Stephen Chow and Wu Mengda are both gods in his heart.The more low-key, the more effort, the more humble, the more growth.After 23 years of supporting roles, Wei Xiang finally seized the opportunity to become a leading man. When the film was announced, Ma Li praised wei Xiang, and Shen Teng repeatedly stressed that Wei Xiang should have been popular long ago, and that he would become his “biggest threat” in the future.Some netizens ridicule: this time, Shen Teng is really afraid of it.This time, Wei Xiang’s popularity tells us once again: there is no transition in life. Every step you take counts.If you are in full bloom, cool breeze since ten years no one knows, famous world.”The Professional” has become a “dark horse” at the box office, and Wei Xiang has also entered the audience’s view. When asked about the praise in an interview, Wei Xiang was modest, saying, “Being inconspicuous is the only way an actor must go.”In the face of achievements, people should keep calm.Wei xiang proved himself with his own efforts, but he remains sober: “We should face all praise with a normal heart, and remember our original intention and direction.”Wei Xiang’s efforts and sober, how many stars in the entertainment circle blush?For the entertainment circle, we all take a fancy to “overnight popularity”, many of the small fresh meat who started out with variety shows, have been transferred to the film and television circle, but there is a famous saying on the Internet: do not use your spare time to challenge other people’s professional things.Those who can be popular stars, behind the bright surface, there is no teeth to adhere to the night?It is not difficult to be popular by a play, but can maintain their efforts and sober, continue to red, just the most test character and ability.Hope “late bloomer” Wei Xiang, can be better and better.Come on, all your efforts will not go unnoticed.# Shen Teng ## Ma Li