Hunan a man from home to rework monitoring found his wife a move, heart mixed emotions: are installed

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With the end of the Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival holiday officially ends.Many are also preparing to leave home and return to work to start the New Year.Especially in some remote rural areas, migrant workers have to travel for more than 10 hours back to the big cities.I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until the end of the year to return home.Some couples go together, leaving their children at home.Some husbands go alone, while their wives stay at home to take care of their children.Either way, parting is sad.Even in the parting, the wife seemed relaxed and free, perhaps it was just a superficial cover, just to not let the husband leave home too worried, relieved to go to work.Actually?Her heart is how unwilling to give up, even secretly in tears.A surveillance video posted by a man in Hunan province while he was leaving home has moved millions of Internet users, who say the man is blessed to have a good wife.What’s going on?A surveillance video shows a photo taken on February 16 in Changsha, Hunan province.The man drove away from his home to return to work.The wife followed silently behind the car and watched her husband.When they left the house, the husband stopped the car and said goodbye to his wife.At this time, the wife’s face is no different, as usual to her husband: go out to pay attention to safety, good work, she has at home.The man is relieved to drive away, his wife closed the door, turned to go inside, surveillance saw his wife walking while wiping tears.Seeing this scene, the man’s heart mixed emotions, immediately felt very uncomfortable: originally, just when his wife said goodbye to the relaxed and free are pretend, he is not it?Who would want to be separated from their wife and children if life did not force them to?”Easy doesn’t exist in the adult world,” one user said.”All for life, life is always full of helpless.””Thousands of worlds are like this, as long as the hearts together is close at hand.””When I left, my daughter-in-law didn’t even know what time the train took me or even asked me if it arrived.Well, all good wives belong to other families.””Congratulations, the wife has married the right one!”What more could a man ask for in a wife like that?Judging by her behavior, the wife could not pretend that she was deeply attached to her husband, and must have been equally attentive to her family.It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman who pays silently.Even if a woman does not have a job, but take good care of the home, is a great “cause”!Such husband ability outside set his mind at work, show grand plan, develop a world!Because he has no worries, knowing that home will always be a warm harbor.Life in the world, numerous sentient beings, each have their own helpless.If not for a few silver, who would like to displaced, rushing about.Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder, what is the purpose of one’s life?Some say it’s for money, some say it’s for fame, some say it’s for love.Life is very short, live ordinary is the most peace.You just work hard and the wind will come.