During the Spring Festival to check drunk driving xi Hu traffic police in action

2022-05-13 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, xihu traffic police continue to maintain high pressure and strict control of drunk driving and drunk driving, and continue to investigate and punish drunk driving and drunk driving.In the action, the brigade scientifically analyzed the regularity and characteristics of drunk driving behavior during the Spring Festival and the actual road situation of the area, and dynamically adjusted the police deployment and control measures.Temporary checkpoints have been set up in several major roads under the jurisdiction to check the passing vehicles one by one. The auxiliary police on duty always adhere to the principle of “zero tolerance” for drunk driving, and ensure that no one is missed or let go.At the same time, minor violations of the face to face publicity and education, warning drivers to strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations, refuse drunk driving, away from accidents.On February 1st, up to the time of publication, Xihu Traffic police brigade inspected more than 100 vehicles of various types, and found 4 traffic violations involving drunk driving.During the Spring Festival, Xihu Traffic Police Brigade will continue to maintain high pressure and strict control of all kinds of traffic violations, to ensure the continuous and stable traffic safety situation in the area, and to create a safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment for people to travel safely.