Chapter 5 of micro documentary “Where there are Fireworks” : Chaoshan Traditional Chinese painting master CAI Fei

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Shantou once passed several administrative region evolution, the old Chaoyang city that a large number of celebrities come out in the past, divide for chaoyang district and Chaonan district in 2003, return shantou city jurisdiction.CAI Fei, a famous painter of Chaoshan Traditional Chinese painting, was born in Chaoyang City in 1903.Its character is not zi, is zhai.In his early years, he studied in Shanghai Academy of Arts, majored in oil painting, studied Chinese painting, supervised music, and also studied stone and stone. He has made great achievements in sound art.After graduating in 1926, he returned to his hometown to teach. He was an important figure in chaoshan art and education.More than 60 years ago, CAI Fei, like us now, liked to travel around his hometown and punch in “Internet celebrity attractions”.The difference is that wherever the painter went, he recorded the old scene in the way of painting.CAI Fei pays attention to realistic and solid traditional Chinese painting works, which is an important evidence for future generations to recognize the geography of the past.But this chaoshan traditional Chinese painting master, in today’s Internet almost can not search for his information, just like his few surviving works, exquisite people but also weathered.”Over the years, it has been difficult to appreciate the original paintings by CAI Fei!”So says a friend.CAI Fei from the arts for many years, ran chaoshan many places, works rich, widely spread in Southern Guangdong and at home and abroad, but was persecuted, unfortunately died in 1979, at the age of 76.Most of his treasures and masterpieces were lost in that particular period.We searched everywhere and found an anthology of CAI Fei’s Calligraphy and Painting published by Shantou Art Academy in the 1980s, several original Chinese paintings and scattered memories of the old man…Fortunately, my 83-year-old grandfather was CAI Fei’s proud disciple.This micro documentary recalls CAI Fei, the famous painter of Chaoshan Traditional Chinese painting, by way of oral history.Watch a series of videos: 6 days 6 series, this Spring Festival, together with the old “home”, read the post-90s Chaoshan youth’s homesickness under the lens of the second chapter of the micro documentary “Where there are fireworks” is coming!Chapter 3: Telling the story of overseas Chinese on Dongxinghui Road. Chapter 4:85 years ago, the headmaster returned home in danger to run a school statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: