“Yu” to see the Winter Olympics | China mixed doubles two consecutive wins, “chess on ice” should be how to look?

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Qingdao Daily/view sea news February 3 – the winter Olympics did not start, curling first hot.The mixed doubles curling round robin at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games continued this morning at icecube.China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi followed up their 7-6 win over last year’s runner-up Switzerland with a 6-5 victory over Australia for their second straight win.China’s Fan Suyuan (front) competes with Ling Zhi in Beijing, Feb 3, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Xiaobang with the Beijing Winter Olympic Games “debut” of the upsurge, usually little attention curling instant hot search, many “white” netizens even while watching the game while searching the rules of the game, still watch with relish.Just how expensive is aristocratic sport?Curlers are “domestic experts”?The friendly ridicule of netizens instantly made this slightly “cold” sport fall into the world, and it seems to have more overlap with ordinary people.So what about curling, which will be played every day from February 2 until the end of the Winter Olympics?Ice skaters are not homemakers first let’s talk about the rules.In addition to expensive equipment and venue expenses, respecting rules, cherishing honor and being strict with self-discipline are the important reasons why curling can remain among the “noble sports”.Each side of the four-a-side curling competition consists of four main players and one substitute player. In mixed events, two players perform the mission of four players.Each game is 10 innings and lasts 150 minutes.In each game, the players on first to fourth bases will throw two stones each in order, and each team will throw a total of 16 stones alternately.The team leader is responsible for directing the teammates at the other end of the game to throw, and the two teammates who do not throw are responsible for wiping the ice.The most interesting part of the audience is to wipe the ice, which is quite different from our usual floor scrubbing.The skater decides whether or not to rub the ice, at the direction of the team leader or the pitcher, to help the curling move along the desired path.As in all team sports, coordination and understanding between curling players are very important. When we hear the cry of “ha ha ha!”, it is actually the commander Shouting “Hurry!” in English.”Or” Hurry hard “, which means “wipe the ice quickly”, and “I, I, I” is “Whoa Whoa Whoa”, which means “stop wiping the ice”.The size of the shout can sometimes indicate the strength of the teammates to wipe the ice, but also can play a cheering and cheering role for teammates.Of course, for the vast and profound Chinese language, these simple shouts are obviously not enough to express the rich emotions and varied strategies of athletes.Through the high-definition signal sent by CCTV, the audience in front of the TV can clearly hear the verbal communication between Fan Su Yuan and Ling Zhi, “adding force”, “rubbing” and “tapping”…Of course, the elegant curling seemed to have an extra layer of joy as they shouted these words in the “smell of northeast ballon” common in ice and snow sports.A pot of value 180000 yuan compared to the “noble sport”, curling is more well known derisively called “chess on ice”, athletes in personable and calculating, and moves the timing accuracy, strength temperature appropriately nuanced, contains the strategy in the process of game, chess, territory consciousness and the geometry,It shows the beauty of static and dynamic combination and the wisdom of trade-offs.He that will do his work well must first sharpen his tools.The core element of curling is, of course, the stone itself. Each of the Olympic Games’ jugs weighs about 20 kilograms and costs about 12,000 yuan. A set of 16 top-quality curling stones costs about 180,000 yuan.Looking at the origin of curling, one can understand more deeply the truth that “scarcity is precious”.Curling matches need to be fought by both sides after throwing, depending on how far the “survivor” is from the center of the circle, so “solid” is the primary requirement of curling.The best curling rough stones in the world come from two places, Ailsa Craig in Scotland and North Wales, and they are three times stronger than normal granite.It usually takes five workers three days to make a set, and there are only three companies in the world that can make the curling stones to Olympic standards.As the saying goes, a good horse makes a good saddle.Without proper ice, the best pot can only be a decoration.Therefore, curling competition on the venue requirements, is also the international ice and snow sports “ceiling” standard.The “Ice Cube”, the curling venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics, is actually the “water Cube” where Michael Phelps was born during the Beijing Olympic Games. It is also the first Olympic venue in the world to complete the “water ice conversion”.Before the curling competition, the staff need to drain the water in the pool, at the bottom of the 2,680 steel frame to build a convertible support structure, after the steel frame foundation is built, the concrete prefabricated board, the prefabricated board platform also need to lay waterproof layer, insulation layer, moisture-proof layer, and ice pipe.Next comes the crucial ice-making process.Curling is more demanding on the ice than other ice sports.It needs to be poured with pure distilled water, and there are strict requirements for humidity and temperature in the venue.Only when the water is pure can the curling move smoothly on the ice.However, the curling track is not as smooth as it looks on television. Instead, it has a raised layer of tiny ice grains called “freezing points”.Without this layer of freezing, there’s no way a player can push a 20-kilogram stone across the ice.At this point, we turn to be a professional ice us, they will back half box processing good pure water, pick up the copper nozzle, bent over, quickly retreat along the track, while swinging back and forth about nozzle, uniform droplets fall on the ice, and through continuous modification and add some until track accord with standard of the game.With these early preparation, curlers can finally shine on stage.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes will compete in mixed doubles, men’s team and women’s team. Let’s wait and see, looking forward to witness the miracle moment!(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Zhang Yu)