In 2022, three of the five most anticipated cross-river and cross-sea Bridges in Beihai are open to traffic and two are under construction

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Just past 2021, beihai city’s biggest keyword should be: cultural travel outbreak.In 2021, the Yinji Project, the New Yintan Scenic Spot, Gaodegu Town, Hisishou Port and the cruise home port will become new tourism highlights, receiving 51.24 million domestic tourists in the whole year, up 24%, and achieving tourism consumption of 66.7 billion yuan, up 29%.In 2022, beihai city should be one of the key words: infrastructure explosion.In 2022, major breakthroughs will be made in infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail, expressways and Bridges, he-Zhanjiang High-speed Railway, the Second Nanjing-Beihai Expressway, and Lianzhou-Bay Avenue.Five of them are particularly noteworthy.In this year’s report of Beihai Municipal government, it was mentioned that efforts should be made to promote the construction of he-Zhanjiang High-speed Railway, and accelerate the reconstruction and expansion of qinzhou-Beihai section of Lanzhou-Hai Expressway, Beihai section of North-South Expressway, Lianzhou Bay Avenue, Fengfeng Jiang Bridge, Tieshan Port Xianghai Bridge and other projects.We will accelerate the construction of two Bridges and five roads, including the Golden Coast Bridge, Haisi Road and Fengjiajiang Road.The brief report, however, includes five Bridges that are expected to be completed this year.Xianghai Dadao Sea-crossing Bridge The Xianghai Dadao Sea-crossing Bridge will be the longest sea-crossing bridge in Beihai city.The Xianghai Road bridge is part of the national Highway G228 diversion project.As for the construction of national road G228, the 14th national comprehensive transportation plan and the 14th Guangxi Comprehensive transportation plan have made key planning and construction.You can see the importance of this national highway.Xianghai Dadao Sea-crossing Bridge has been planned for many years, also known as the Second Tieshan Port Sea-crossing Bridge. The route length is about 6.1 kilometers, of which the bridge length is about 4960 meters (belonging to the super large bridge), and the approach length is about 1.14 kilometers.The total investment is about 2.66485 billion yuan.Xianghai Avenue cross-sea Bridge is the key project for the integrated development of tieshan Port, beihai city, and its construction is of great significance.The Golden Coast Bridge is the third bridge across the river in Fengjiajiang, and also the most beautiful one. It adopts the design scheme of “bright moon co-tidal generation”.The Gold Coast Bridge project has been approved and is now ready for bidding and construction.The total length of the bridge is 495 meters, of which the length of the main bridge is 165 meters, the width of the main bridge is 40.5 meters, and the total length of the east and west approaches is about 330 meters.The total investment is 447.5488 million yuan.The construction of The Gold Coast Bridge will improve the traffic network in the east area of Yintan and realize the connection with the main urban area of Beihai city, which will greatly promote the construction of CRBD in the southern part of Beihai City.Bridge expected to open to traffic Xicun Harbour Cross-Sea Bridge The Xicun Harbour Cross-sea Bridge has been closed and is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic in October this year.Xicun Harbour Bridge is the most convenient passage between Beihai Ocean New City and the main city, and its construction is of great significance.When the Xicun Harbour cross-sea Bridge is completed and opened to traffic, it will be the start of the rapid development of ocean New Town, and yinji Coastal tourism resort will be more lively.The Fengjiajiang Bridge was originally scheduled to be completed and open to traffic in 2021, but the project was delayed. Now, the project has entered the final stage and is expected to be completed and open to traffic in the first half of this year.Fengjiajiang Bridge is a tourism channel, is the most convenient channel between the Silver Beach scenic area and golden Bay mangrove scenic area.The completion and opening to traffic of the bridge is of great significance to the common development of tourism of Silver Beach and Golden Bay Mangrove Scenic area.Recently, the qinbei Expressway reconstruction and expansion project from Shiwan to Qinzhou section has realized eight lanes of traffic, but the shiwan to Shankou section has not realized eight lanes of traffic.And shiwan to pass section has a control project is the Tieshan Port bridge.It is understood that the whole Qinbei Expressway is expected to be completed and open to traffic by the end of this year, which means that the Tieshan Port cross-sea bridge will also be completed and open to traffic.At present, the new bridge has been completed and opened to traffic, and the reconstruction of the old bridge is now under construction.We will find that all of the five sea and river Bridges that are expected to be completed are in the east.This is also beihai city “east to north expansion” two wings of the development of an important measure.After the completion of five Bridges open to traffic, beihai city east this “wing” more “hard” up.