In 2022, Hong Kong’s quota of talented immigrants will be increased, ushering in better opportunities for immigrants

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At present, many countries around the world are facing the test of total fertility rate below 2.1, China is the same.Policies have changed from two-child policy to three-child policy, from birth restriction to birth encouragement, but the imagined baby boom has not yet arrived.On this issue, not only the mainland, Hong Kong also faces an increasingly serious population problem.According to data released by Hong Kong’s Statistics Department in September, the number of babies born in Hong Kong has fallen every year since 2017, and the number of babies born in 2020 was 43,000, the lowest since records began in 1981.Hong Kong’s fertility rate has been low for a long time since the 1990s and the problem is not a short-term phenomenon, according to Professor Of Sociology at the Hong Kong Statistics Bureau.The Hong Kong government is also aware of the growing population problem and hopes to make up for the shortage of workers by bringing in migrants.In 2017, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s chief executive, merged the commission on Population Policy and the Commission on Human Resources Development into the Commission on Human Resources Planning, which focuses on the local workforce and attracting talent from abroad.In recent years, the Hong Kong government has increased its efforts in attracting talents. The most popular quality Migrant Admission Scheme has doubled its quota for two consecutive years to 4,000 per year.This is the largest number of places in Hong Kong’s history.Introduction to Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a quota scheme designed to attract highly skilled or talented people to settle in Hong Kong to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness.Successful applicants are not required to obtain employment with a local employer before settling in Hong Kong.All applicants must meet the basic qualification requirements before they can compete with other applicants for the quota under one of the two points systems set up under the Scheme.Among them, the comprehensive points system for most applicants is 225 out of 100, and the passing score is 80.In addition to their own career development needs, Hong Kong’s educational advantages are also an important factor to attract applicants.Chinese parents are always worried about their children’s college education.In recent years, the exams for overseas Chinese students, which have few competitors, low difficulty and are crowded with elite schools, have attracted many parents.And handle “Hong Kong talent immigration”, can let the child change track, through the overseas Chinese examination easily enter the first-class schools.Many people think that the requirements of excellent immigration must be very high, high education, high income or some kind of highly skilled talents. In fact, this is not the case. The program itself is not a program only based on points.Therefore, it is not the high score that determines whether an applicant will be approved. Rather, it is the accuracy with which the document accurately reflects the contribution the applicant can make to the future of Hong Kong.The single biggest disadvantage is that it takes 7 years to transfer to permanent residence. For those who want to get permanent residence quickly, they have to make plans in advance, and there are many uncertain factors in 7 years.So is there an opportunity to shorten it?In fact, certain groups of people can be given preferential access to permanent residency through special channels, which can be reduced to three years of transferable status.Of course, this quota is very rare.Basic application conditions: the applicant is aged 18 to 55 years old college degree or above in other conditions (high school diploma required comprehensive evaluation) no criminal record additional application conditions (priority category) : the expression of the applicant to have good communication ability, good academic and fiscal capacity applicant has a certain expertise in the field of application process:Receive the client’s resident card submission materials, get the approval letter file number, submit the application for permanent residence card transfer, master application, get the permanent residence Card application, spouse and children under the age of 18The above process is fast, the fastest one and a half years can get permanent residence, specific to the actual subject does not meet the requirements: criminal record civil servants have more than 300,000 yuan court summons intention to emigrate to Hong Kong friends, can contact our consultants according to their own development needs!Only a few seats!