Groundbreaking philosophical thought: God created the world including Buddha and God, can do what he wants?

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Although god is omnipotent, he can’t do what he wants, so the truth is relative.For example: the world is in balance, the operation of our world will be out of balance, resulting in birth, aging, illness, death, natural disasters, man-made disasters, economic crisis and other problems, are the “Tao” of our world, designed by the almighty God.Remember that different worlds have different tao, for example, the quantum microworld and the macroscopic world of the human world have completely different and contradictory tao, but under the wonderful design of heaven to achieve the unity of contradictions, this is the world of our everything.Normally, the world works in the way it’s supposed to, but when things get out of whack, the universe intervenes to set things right, unless the universe wants to stop playing the game.Why does god have the power but not the will?For god has yet to need the existence of our world to prove the existence of god’s “all things do, all things do,” that is, the existence of our world.The universe has the power to destroy our world whenever it feels it no longer needs it.So remember that the balance between need and need is relative, and the decision is in the hands of the almighty.If god decides to end the game, he can always create a new world. At that time, our world is prehistoric civilization.And then there are the visions of the world, the disasters, the crises, the apocalyptic atmosphere.Can our world survive?Can we get back on track?Can we move on?All at the whim of heaven.The world is generally good, god is blessed.So how will god bless us?Quantum theory proves that quantum has intelligence, so it can be inferred that everything in the world made up of quantum has intelligence.The universe has the power, if it chooses, to manipulate quantum to halt the world’s destruction at any time.For example, Yellowstone volcano in the United States is a super active volcano with worldwide destructive power.Yellowstone first erupted 16.5 million years ago and has erupted hundreds of times since.In more than two million years, there have been three massive Yellowstone eruptions.Since the time of the last eruption, Yellowstone volcano has been quiet about 600,000-700,000 years, according to this calculation, Yellowstone volcano has entered a new eruption cycle.According to the observation, Yellowstone volcano has been obviously active in recent years, and there is reason to suspect that Yellowstone volcano may erupt at any time.If Yellowstone were to erupt, it would devastate the United States and leave the earth half dead. It would be the end of the world!There is nothing we humans can do about this “super time bomb” lurking in the human world.So will we have to face the end of the world?Don’t forget, we exist, and everything in the world, including Yellowstone, exists, because the almighty created it.If God doesn’t want to abandon our world as a prehistoric civilization, he has the power at any moment to stop Yellowstone from erupting and allow our world to move on.So, what means does god use to help man?The sky can intangiably manipulate the quantum of Yellowstone volcano to return to normal activity, which is “invisible” method.Ufos could also be sent from heaven to help humanity, thus exposing the existence of an advanced civilization.There have been written records about Ufos since ancient times, and in recent years, the US military has officially confirmed that Ufos are superhuman technology, which is incredibly advanced and violates the physical laws of the Earth, such as vanishing in place and invulnerability.As I say, the UFO disappears in the air because it switches mode from our world into a higher dimensional world, and we can’t detect the higher dimensional world yet, so it seems to us like the UFO disappears in place.No matter how hard the human cannonball can hit the UFO, it is also because the UFO hid in the higher dimensional world.Ufos can destroy humanity as easily as trampling ants, but so far they have worked with us. Visible Ufos need us to exist, or observe us under the almighty blessing of Heaven.The world as a whole is good and God blesses it.– The sun is blue