February 14, 2022 Garden briefing, happy work

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Code word is not easy, if useful, please remember to support like + follow + forward!1, Beijing: Dry Landscape Garden for daxing New City city leisure Park (construction) of the second section of the project of the first winning candidate, the winning amount of 32.42 million yuan;2. Beijing: 2022 is the key year for the application of the Central Axis for world Heritage, and the final document will be officially submitted;3, Hebei: This year, Hebei plans to complete afforestation 6 million mu to create more than 15 provincial-level forest cities, 150 provincial-level forest villages;Fujian: Xiamen Botanical Garden Cherry Valley this year is especially colorful out of clouds and clouds dream;5. Chongqing: Afforestation of 5 million mu will be carried out in Chongqing;Shandong: Qingdao plans to invest 7 million yuan!Chengyang District will carry out ecological restoration of 1000 mu of burned land;7, Inner Mongolia: this year the region plans to afforestation more than 2 million mu grass more than 11 million mu;8, Shanxi: Wutai Mountain scenic spot held spring land greening and forest grass fire prevention work conference;9. Hubei province: Over 600 cases of compensation for ecological environment damage were handled in Hubei province each year, involving an amount of about 0.4 million YUAN;10. Guangdong: 1.925 million mu of afforestation and ecological restoration will be completed in 2021;Qinghai: support high-quality development with high-level protection of ecological environment;12, Chinese Science Bulletin: Urbanization Boosts Sustainable Ecological Improvement in China;The sutra I read was just four words: “Life is short.”Because of this bitter and short, I keep going my own way.When you search “Hello” on the home page of alipay app, the first four small programs displayed are a hidden poem.A fresh jujube inhibits melanin;Two apples moisturize and remove facial spots;Three cherry invigorates the spleen appetizer, regulating qi nourishing;Four bananas for thirst, constipation useful;Five FIG heat and detoxification, antidiarrheal milk;Six strawberry to help fresh breath, moisten throat skin;Seven pear liver, smooth skin;Eight cane quick recovery spirit;Nine pineapple high detoxification effect;Ten grapes slow down aging.1876 — Alexander Bell receives a patent for the telephone.1879 – Chile fights the Pacific War with Bolivia and Peru.1946 – The world’s first electronic computer (ENIAC) is born at the University of Pennsylvania.The first working SATELLITE of the US Global Positioning System is launched into earth orbit.All content is sourced from the Internet. View is neutral to the views expressed in this article. View does not make any warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content, and is not responsible for the views expressed in this article.The copyright belongs to the original author.If there is infringement, please contact the background editor, we will delete in the first time processing!