20 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Deal with LifeIf you’re half that, you know the world

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20 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Deal with LifeIf you have half, it is considered to understand the world, walking society necessary.Learn to be altruistic, don’t be too selfish, think and consider more for others, you will be more open and better in society.People have opinions, not can’t talk about, but to talk calmly, do not have a fierce dispute with others, not to deliberately.No matter how good you are, don’t think to change others.Remember: it’s hard to change others, it’s easy to adjust yourself.Tall trees catch much wind!Be low-key, don’t make too much noise, so as not to be attacked by others as a target.When people laugh at, know how to ignore and laugh at yourself, is the best way to deal with.Jokes can be made, but do not open, especially do not make fun of other people’s looks and physical defects.Hit people don’t hit the face, expose people don’t expose, no matter when and where, should pay attention to give people save face, give people steps, don’t push people to the absolute place.Don’t speak ill of others behind their backs, say more good things about others.Even if you have full words, words also don’t say too full, to know how to leave room for yourself, because there are always accidents.When people ask you for help, you can refuse, but don’t be too cold, try to be subtle and euphemistic.Criticize other people’s words, try not to say, to say, also want to give criticism of a layer of sugar-coated shells.When communicating, listen carefully and patiently, don’t interrupt, don’t interrupt others easily.Cultivate a broad mind, be tolerant of others, don’t haggle over every ounce, too picky, otherwise, there will be no friends.Do things to be measured, speak to grasp the scale.Sense of chaos, things are easy to go wrong;When the scale is lost, the words are easy to hurt.Pay shallow do not speak deep, friendship is not enough words, no matter how reasonable, do not say to others too deep, so far.To be self-aware, know your own defects and strengths, to get along with others better, of course, it is easier to succeed.Edges and corners are not too clear, and most people can get along with each other, no matter what identity the other side is, no matter what kind of person the other side is.It’s not for others, it’s for yourself.Have the courage to refuse, but also to master the skills of high emotional intelligence to refuse, both to protect themselves, also do not easily offend others.Don’t capricious, not to take things personally, this is not mature, do not understand the performance of the world, will make others very disgusted.Some things, see through not to say, especially nothing to do with their own things, turn a blind eye, confused, is a cunning.If be concerned with oneself, also need not say face to face break, communicate in private meeting is better.The so-called emotional intelligence is high, to a large extent, in fact, will be human life, and the key to human life is to understand the ways of the world, is to play scheming, the above 20 high emotional intelligence of the world “scheming”, how many do you have?If you think in these aspects, there is insufficient, want to further study, then according to this article, and then targeted to recommend three books to you, respectively, “emotional intelligence is to be human”, “Every day to understand a little of the world” and “Play is scheming”.”Emotional intelligence is high will be the way people” book, detailed, comprehensive, in-depth elaborated a variety of high emotional intelligence skills, read this book, master these skills, that many problems in real life, can be easily solved, help you do a will be the way people master.”Every day to understand a little worldly wisdom” is a special good book of Chinese social worldly wisdom, read the worldly wisdom in this book, that always dealing with people, basically nothing can stumple you, even if you are not too outstanding and excellent in other aspects, you can also mix in this society like a duck in water.”Play is mind” book, can be called a mind treasure book, will need to use in real life all kinds of mind, carried out a very methodical classification, the content is very readable, skills speak very comprehensive, also very practical.A book in hand will help you have good relationships and a successful career and future.For more exciting content, come to the full interpretation of the wisdom of life