0.75!After beating the world No. 1 to win the gold medal, Gu Ailing showed Chinese style in a gesture

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So just now, a new good news came from the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In the final of women’s freestyle ski platform, Gu Ailing of The Chinese Team helped the Chinese delegation to win a full gold medal and became the first in this event.So this medal is also our China team in the middle of the winter Olympics MEDALS, 3 it is let’s go out to all the fans for GuAiLing feel excited, also feel happy for our China team, in the Beijing Olympics less than four days after period of time to get the three gold MEDALS, China, is really let us at home, we reveal himself.So for Gu Ailing, this Winter Olympics to get the first medal process, is indeed very not easy.We can see from our competition, in fact, Gu Ailing in the final of his three jump results is not very stable.So in the first round, Gu Ailing jumped 93.75 points and ranked second in the group, while in the second round, Gu’s performance was only 88.5 points in the second round, ranking third in the group with her single jump.Therefore, after the first two rounds of competition, it requires the management to show better performance in the competition and get higher scores, so as to win the gold medal of this event.So in such a desperate situation, GuAiLing in the final round is to choose the freeboard difficulty catch plate movement of 1620, and finally successfully completed, and the jump is also got 94.5 points in his one-on-one hit, the number one cause of high scores, can be said to be completely conquered the judge, and conquered our all the sports fans.Gu Ailing, through the final jump in a desperate situation, finally managed to escape from danger, with a score of 188.25, 0.75 points behind the second group, and beat the strong enemy in the group to win the championship.So speaking from the whole process of the competition, Gu Did his best to win the gold medal and challenged his limit in the last jump. Like all the netizens supporting him in front of the TV, he really showed his determination.Therefore, compared with the process of the competition, such a spirit of Gu Ailing is really more worthy of our praise, and obviously the result of the competition also gives her the best reward.So we are really happy for Gu and confident that he can win more championships for China in the future.This time facing the middle of the group.Each strong opponent, in the face of the world’s number one competitor Mathilde, Gu Ailing he really fully proved himself.After winning the gold medal, we saw Gu Also shed tears of emotion on the spot. She was very excited and unbelievable to achieve such a goal.So as an 18-year-old Olympic champion, to achieve such achievements at such an age, really deserves everyone to cheer for Gu.And more worthy of our netizens to praise is Gu Ailing she in a movement after the game.We see after the game, during the award ceremony at the scene, the scene of the silver bronze medalist lined in the GuAiLing is beginning to compare farther distance between the two parties, can be said to be separate the layers of the game, but after GuAiLing wear masks, he actively waved to two athletes asked them to stand on his side,Let’s take a group photo together.It can be said that this is Gu Ailing, as a young athlete, her personal pattern.Even if we win, we respect our opponents very much off the court, which is a good tradition of our sport in China.It can be said that Gu Ailing really showed the charm of Chinese sports in this match, and we are looking forward to her more wonderful performance in the following matches.