Reverse!The King of Thailand for 85 after Shina gan when supporting role, the birthday of the giant royal shine to highlight its noble identity

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Sinina’s birthday is really a lot of things, the masses are also willing to watch, mainly this year’s birthday king did not accompany her, was reported to be out of favor or grounded, they do not know that the family status is very high, or the Thai king with her checks and balances the harem only magic, royal kingdom king really let queen Sutida family alone!In fact, the princess’s birthday warm-up had already started, but the official royal media did not make it public. Later, the royal wedding ceremony was revealed, and netizens found out that the princess after 85 was really favored, otherwise it would not have been abolished and then restored, and her 36th birthday would not have been so high-profile, and her 37th birthday would not have been so high status.Drying out of the royal family, the official, longevity to the Japanese birthday celebration posters, only the queen Sue as not to send blessings, public is spread with the imperial concubine, although the king did not accompany love princess, but from the birthday of the imperial concubine layout specifications are not low, also incredibly spearhead the foil to raise the imperial concubine poems Nina, see Nina royal like poetry as in C, reveal its identity in the royal collection,If you don’t know, you think it’s the queen?The sacrifice poems Nina birthday party more than one, the online shed multiple versions, one is with king royal like side by side, and her picture in C, the huge imperial as far greater than the king’s royal like pictures, appear the king photos petty and small, that without the king’s default, the imperial concubine how dare to do so?It has already been abolished once.In addition to the huge imperial like as greater than the king also just, still have a longevity sacrifice with the queen’s exclusive noble purple, want to know the color only is palace empress can use publicly, unexpectedly favored imperial concubine the whole birthday celebration site layout is purple, it is too bold, plot is reversed, the imperial concubine doesn’t fall from grace!The exclusive color of the queen, the royal umbrella is purple, the background color of the public photo is purple, and the formal occasions also choose noble purple clothes many times, so it can be seen that Sutida and Sinina are fighting between the two, one is favored by the young and beautiful, one is to do everything right by the status of the palace.The King of Thailand did not appear on Shinina’s birthday, but also did a lot of work, including allowing the mother-in-law to come into the palace to pray for the daughter of the imperial concubine, which the queen did not have, and the original songfei, Yuwada, Sirami before the birthday, did not have this treatment.By celebrating the poem Nina 37 years old birthday can be seen, The King of Thailand to the imperial concubine very attentively, scatter dog food type pet wife mode is like idol drama, but the general prince of the rich family can not do so attentively, after all, the king of Thailand under the net guards too much, as long as the command someone to do it.Reverse!Thai king for 85 after The poem Nina to be a supporting role, birthday star huge royal shine to reveal its noble identity, she and Su Tida, West Rami harem three points the world is still very strong, what official Thai king will certainly take the poem Nina, after all, senior members of the royal family exposure rate can not be too high, or have to keep a little mystery yo!Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact the platform or the author to delete