Lin Hongjun presided over the learning meeting of the theoretical learning Center group of the District Committee

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Morning of February 7, stability district party committee theoretical study group study sessions, learn the central and provincial, city recently written message about the conference file spirit, focus on learning xi jinping, general secretary of the Spring Festival eve see sympathy grassroots cadres in shanxi people’s important speech spirit and prime minister li keqiang in gansu when speech spirit,We listened to reports on the work related to on-duty duty, work safety, public security, and epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, arranged and made arrangements for relevant work, further unified our thinking, concentrated our minds, and got off to a good start for the successful completion of all tasks this year.Municipal Standing Committee, District Party secretary Lin Hongjun chaired the meeting.Jia Wenju, Tian Fulin, Liu Xiaofeng, Wang Hongquan, Guo Zhiping, Cheng Huan, Li Jun, Xie Yunfeng, Gou Jianjun, Cheng Zhaoxiang and other members of the central Group attended the meeting.The meeting pointed out that in the past year, in accordance with the “key work in the forefront of the province, the key indicators of stability in the middle of the target requirements, the stability of the district successfully completed all the work, achieved good results.During the Spring Festival, in the strict implementation of the deployment of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, strengthen the emergency on-duty, production safety and social stability, the epidemic prevention and control, road traffic safety, holiday cover for the arrangement of work such as scheduling, the overall interests of society harmonious stable, epidemic prevention and control become normal, safe production smooth and orderly, all kinds of festival activities smoothly.The meeting stressed that 2022 is the key to the realization of “difference” planning year, all the must carry forward the “gratitude hard work innovation, yong yi pursued” a new era of dingxi spirit, to “pursue development way any cadre is not behind, no one indicator will lag behind, any a work can’t thrown off” the perseverance of perseverance,We will do everything in our power to turn the set goals into reality and ensure a “good start” in the first quarter and a “prosperous year” this year.We should overcome the “festival syndrome”, get back to our position as soon as possible, adjust our status, quickly enter the role of work, standardize the work order, strict discipline requirements, speed up the formation of a strong atmosphere of catch-up development, and lay a good foundation for the successful completion of the year’s work targets.Meeting requirements, to highlight the focus of the work, do bigger and stronger indicators and projects, make up for the gap weak weak, take the focus with the overall, grasp the typical with general work method, find the point of work and entry point, do not mistake, two promotion.We need to make comprehensive plans for our work, strengthen the guarantee of project elements, and make full preparations for the resumption of the first batch of projects in 2022. We need to make early deployment and scientific planning, and make preparations for spring ploughing in advance to ensure that we do not miss the time of farming.Focus on key periods of time, actively clear snow, debris and household garbage, carry out regular environmental sanitation improvement, resolutely prevent spring sewage overflow, garbage everywhere and other phenomena.We should have the courage to innovate and grasp the work, maintain the faith of forging ahead and going forward bravely, adopt the “front-line” working method, break the inertial thinking, find the right breakthrough point, find the breakthrough point, seize the key point, and create new work results with the spirit of not willing to lag behind.To overall consideration, all pay special attention to the normalized epidemic prevention and control, production safety, ideology, the recent important meeting and preparation work, inspector found the problem during the spring, should be “look back”, institution transference strengthening, problem is corrected in the formation obey the work discipline, work task, to carry out the “change style, pursue carry” a strong signal of engineering,To ensure high-quality economic and social development in the region.The meeting stressed that to impose discipline, compaction grasp the implementation of the responsibility, leading cadres should play a leading role, the demonstration rate of more than a good, for the key work on command, establish level grasp level, layer upon layer carries out the responsibility mechanism, to form the leadership in a line command, cadres in a line service, problems in the good situation.To strictly grasp the implementation of the work to improve standards, excellence, innovation, pragmatic, down-to-earth, hard work style of work, with real performance to promote the work, promote the overall work level, the work when the “first good”.To grasp the implementation of strict discipline, strengthen the supervision and enforcement of discipline, improve the integration of supervision and examination platform, create a tense and orderly, wind qingqi is, reward and punishment clear working environment, and further form a good working atmosphere to make progress, catch up with development.Heads of relevant departments directly in the district attended the meeting as non-voting delegates.