Lanzhou has taken various measures to deal with the cooling sandstorm

2022-05-11 0 By

China Gansu network On March 26, lanzhou Daily reported on March 25, the reporter learned from the city ecological environment bureau, in order to effectively deal with the wind to 27 days to cool dust weather, 24 our city held a special meeting as a whole, to minimize the adverse impact of dust weather on air quality.The meeting stressed that all counties and relevant departments must deal with the current epidemic prevention and control and dust as a whole, strictly implement various control measures, minimize negative influence of dust weather on ambient air quality, to guarantee people’s physical and mental health, protect the “blue” in lanzhou: one is to actively prepare for dust weather appeared in front of the emergency.City weather bureau to at least 24 hours in advance of the timely release of dust warning.After receiving the sand-dust weather forecast and sand-dust warning notice, the city Housing bureau should urge construction sites to do a good job of material coverage and reinforcement, urge all sites to implement the “six hundred percent” dust suppression measures in advance.After receiving the sand-dust weather forecast and sand-dust warning notice, the MUNICIPAL Urban Management Committee immediately organized all district sanitation departments to do a good job in the debugging and maintenance of high-altitude spraying, road washing, sprinkling and other sanitation vehicles and equipment, and make preparations for starting the sand-dust emergency plan.Other relevant departments in the dust weather forecast, to timely do a good job of dust prevention and control measures.Second, we should quickly implement the emergency measures when dust weather occurs.After the occurrence of dust weather, the Municipal Urban Management Committee should immediately clean the roads in accordance with the requirements of the Emergency Plan for Dust And Pollution Control in Sand Weather in Lanzhou to minimize the amount of dust;High-pressure spray vehicles should be operated throughout the city to speed up dust removal.The municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau should urge construction sites to sprinkle water and dust, and do their best to reduce the impact of dust on air quality.City two mountain headquarters to fully open two mountain spray equipment, accelerate the speed of settlement.The third is to quickly implement the measures of “national city washing” after the end of dust weather.The municipal meteorological Bureau should continue to actively analyze and analyze, release meteorological service information, actively carry out shadow operation according to water vapor conditions, and accelerate the settlement speed by increasing rain and snow.At the same time, when dust weather occurs, the municipal atmospheric office should make full use of TV, radio, website and other news media, increase public publicity, guide residents to do a good job of protection.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Lv Shengjun