Is Xu Juncong married?

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In this year’s Spring Festival Gala sketch, I saw Xu Juncong.I said to my mom, look, he’s this comedian you’ve been chasing, and he’s doing great. He’s putting on weight.All my mother cared about was, he was on the Spring Festival Gala, he was successful, he should get married.We met Xu Juncong in the swordsman’s arena. At that time, he took his girlfriend to the competition. I could see that her girlfriend was really shy and embarrassed.Especially when asked if he had proposed, his girlfriend said nothing, but he did not mention it. Instantly, I felt embarrassed. Xu Juncong’s answer was not unexpected, as he did not dare to make promises without good conditions.At that time, I wanted to say, in this case, how dare you fall in love and try to share the rent?However, my mother agreed with Xu juncong. She thought it was ok to start a career first and then get married.Later, Xu Juncong walked out of the swordsman, into the bowl of entertainment.Played a vivid comedy role, blind male, married male, divorced male, spare male, every time as long as see his big gold chain, began to prepare to smile.Whether he was pompous or serious, he somehow struck a funny note with my mother, who still believed that he was fighting for another girl’s future.I am not optimistic however, the temptation of the entertainment circle is great, no matter his mental firmness is not firm first, say he is red certain busy, don’t say it is a star, how many ordinary people’s love is also destroyed in no time three words.Now, many years later, I suddenly thought of the bet I made with my mother at that time. Could these two people hold hands and get married?Unfortunately, this problem, Baidu do not have the answer.No matter whether they end up together or not, I hope they are happy with each other. That woman who bravely helps her boyfriend realize his dream even though she is so nervous at the beginning is entitled to get what she wants.