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Massachusetts moment changsha January 28 – (correspondent Levi) for the full implementation of the basic task of khalid ents, promote the effective connection of family education and school education, school, family, social trinity of educational resultant force, according to hunan province education department about to carry out the “teacher” into everyone’s visit to the activities of the requirements, in the near future,On the basis of strictly implementing the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control, the Insurance Vocational College, based on the reality and adhering to the principle of convenience at the nearest place, formulated practical implementation plans for home visits, and organized and carried out visiting activities in winter vacation.Insurance vocational college to actively establish a “demonstration school leadership took the lead, middle, counselors as the main body, full participation” in the family visit work mechanism, combined with “regretless youth action plan”, education counterparts, dormitory, class of full-time education mode and academic warning work, school leaders take the lead, two lines and vice director of the two, counselors, teachers, education counterpart class teacher reasonable collocation,In line with the principle of “everyone involved, the generating must-visit”, the orphans and single, unattended, family difficulties, veterans such as special cases students home visits as the key object, field visits the family visit around the city in the province more than 20 units, the provincial household register or is unable to be higher risk, the outbreak of students by telephone, video and other forms of,Through one-to-one “cloud” home visits to nearly 1800 students of grade 20 and 400 students of grade 21 to deliver boxing love through space, and strive to achieve full coverage of home visits.On the afternoon of January 25th, Pu Yanjun, party Secretary and dean of insurance Vocational College, visited the home of Wu Jun, a retired student from class 2 of insurance (Auto Insurance Survey and Loss assessment) of class 2020.President Pu had a cordial talk with Wu Jun and his parents, giving feedback on wu Jun’s study and performance in all aspects to the parents, listening to the opinions and suggestions of the students and their parents on the work of the college, and the parents fully affirmed and supported the work of the college.Wu Jun introduced his own situation in the army, and looked through the commemorative photo album left in the army and obtained the qualification certificate of the special forces with President Pu. He shared his hard struggle and brave and tenacious journey in the army.Pu encouraged Wu Jun to keep the fine style he learned in the army, develop good behavior habits, cherish the fruits of his parents’ labor, study hard and grow up.Later, President Pu visited zhang Xueji, a nursing student working in the restaurant, and sent him to the college for care.President Pu had an in-depth understanding of Zhang’s family situation, working environment and study performance, and encouraged him to learn his major well, establish a positive outlook on life and make due contributions to the socialist cause.The home visits condolences to work combined with difficult students, the teacher family visit in the form of “family visit’s note”, the true record visit activities of see, smell, feel, think, be fully said advantages, careful, sincere listen to advice, help each other talk about measures, let parents feel the warmth of the college students care, both at home also built a bridge between school, broaden the way for the management of the school,Enhance the home school linkage of education.