Yi Yangqianxi 5 big advantages, the new movie is wonderful, like Qianxi is not for no reason

2022-05-10 0 By

There are a lot of movies during Spring Festival, but who can you choose?Which movie do you prefer to watch?As of now, Jackson Yi’s new movie will be released on the first day of Chinese New Year. What do you think?As the youngest member of TF Boys, why does he have such excellent acting skills?Five strengths for you to analyze.Break through the comfort zone Yi Yangqianxi was very aware of the strength and everyone’s vision is related to the childhood, childhood was not optimistic about him did not fade, but constantly hone and exercise their own.This point is very certain, from these years his acting breakthrough, in the dance performance is enough to affirm.Large film box office certainly early in the past period of time, Yi Yangqianxi acting in Jangjin Lake although a little immature, but there are also large actors Wu Jing and others invited to cooperate.As of now, Miracle is more about ordinary stories about small people.But actors should be changeable roles, different styles of subject matter and topics can exercise their acting skills.Compared with peers, there seems to be no advantage from an early age that Yi Yangqianxi strength is not very strong, looks are not the best, and peers Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan compared that there is no advantage at all.In the Spring Festival, Liu Haoran, the actor of the Tang Dynasty’s street series, has gained a great reputation and box office strength.Yi Yangqianxi is not willing to lag behind, the strength of these years is conspicuous.Good looks, acting and appearance level and yi Yangqianxi’s appearance is not very amazing, to say that Wang Yuan lively naughty, Wang Junkai handsome, qianxi that can only be clever and obedient.But I was wrong. He was too mature and manly today.To be honest, Yi Yangqianxi is unexpected to me. I did not expect him to be so hardworking and persistent when he grew up.It is true that there are a few hard-working actors in the entertainment circle who do not rely on a halo to start their career.Like Liu Haocun’s The Four Seas, there are many people who don’t pay for it.What is the reason?That is really strength and title do not match.I can’t help it, but Jackson Yi gives you the impression that he is hardworking and has a relatively good public reputation.In fact, the actor is not really very bright, behind you can not imagine the efforts and accumulation.But the foundation is that you have to have better acting and study hard, otherwise no matter how much flamboyant, it will be a flash in the pan.What do you think about that?Are you looking forward to Jackson Yee’s movie?Will you go to the cinema to see Liu Hao-chun’s The Four Seas?