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In life, sleep problems have spread from the elderly to the young.Take me for example. In order to catch up on the project proposal, working overtime has become the norm.Plus the time to go home is not fixed, over time, insomnia has become a common occurrence.At first, I also bought melatonin recommended by my colleague’s sister, but the results were not very good.And because of the fear of dependence, so the heart is more resistant.After learning that Left Point technology had launched a sleep aid product, I bought the Left point sleep machine with the mentality of being a guinea pig.I have bought other products of Left Point Technology before, and I am satisfied with the workmanship, quality and experience of the products.Moreover, based on my previous understanding of Zuodot Technology, I know that the company has been deeply cultivated in the industry for many years, with years of technical precipitation and exclusive team of intellectual property rights. In terms of technology and patent reserve, it has applied for 2000 patents and won the European CE certification, which can be said to be in the forefront of the industry in an all-round way.Therefore, based on the recognition and trust of the left point brand, we resolutely choose the left point sleep instrument.Next, I will talk about my experience in this period of time.When I got the left point sleeper and saw its pretty fancy box, I knew for sure.After all, can pay attention to the design quality on the small packaging box, often the product itself is certainly not bad.It is worth mentioning that this time in the dog king with the left point sleep instrument to catch up with the activity.In addition to the small box of standard accessories, a bottle of saline and an ear-clip electrode wire are also included.All black color design, so that the left point sleep instrument showed it quite a sense of science and technology.The transparent PVC material covered on the front display screen also makes the product full of advanced feeling.Of course, at first glance it looks like a TV box, but at only 920mm x 920mm x 160mm, it’s tiny enough for even a girl’s hand to hold easily.On the right side of the left point sleeper, there are three control buttons, which are mode/gear adjustment button and on/off button.As can be seen in the picture, the switch button is in the middle, and the mode/gear adjustment button is on both sides of it.In addition, the mode adjustment function is integrated on the switch key.I think the purpose of this design is to minimize the keyhole, let the product surface more simple.The jack connected with the electrode line of the ear clip is distributed on the top side of the left point morpheometer.And on the bottom side of the left point sleep meter, symmetrical with the top jack, is the charging hole of the product, and it is usB-C charging hole.Therefore, if we need to carry the left point sleep meter, we can share a charging cable with the phone, and there is no need to carry an extra charging cable.After looking at the appearance and accessories, I will officially enter the topic and talk to you about some of my experiences after using the left point sleep instrument for a period of time.First of all, the use of the left dot sleep ritual is relatively easy to learn.After the ear clip electrode wire is inserted into the jack on the top of the left point sleep meter, place the gasket in both ear clips and then drip normal saline on the gasket.For people who often wear earrings or earrings, attaching the left point sleep device’s ear clip to the earlobe is a piece of cake.For the rest of the population, it takes a few days of practice.On the whole, it’s not that hard to operate.However, it is necessary to remind that when installing the gasket, remember to press it hard, otherwise it is easy to fall off.CES electrotherapy in physical therapy is highly regarded for its effectiveness and safety compared to psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, physical therapy and other types of acupuncture.CES electrotherapy, or transcranial microcurrent stimulation therapy.It is a safe, non-invasive, non-drug treatment for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia and depression through mild electrical stimulation of the brain.CES electrotherapy has been used in Europe for over 20 years and in the United States for up to 27 years.In Europe and The United States, consumers can directly buy CES equipment, while most OF the CES equipment in Our country is professional equipment, and there are too few personal consumer goods.And the left dot sleep machine works on the basis of CES electrotherapy.By using the ear-clip electrode to conduct the special waveform of micro electricity through the temporal to the central nervous system of the brain, stimulate a series of sleep and mood related neurotransmitter release, inhibit the release of stress hormones, while regulating brain activity, in order to achieve the purpose of improving insomnia and anxiety.There are three working modes: 1. T1 mode — 0.5Hz pulse width 250ms-1s;2, T2 mode — 1.5Hz waveform pulse width 40ms-360ms;3, T3 mode — 100Hz waveform pulse width 5ms.In addition, each working mode has 12 working intensity.When we use it, we can adjust it according to the individual’s different situation.Once we have selected the mode and altitude, the left point sleep machine starts working for 20 minutes.After figuring out how the left dot sleep ritual works and how it works, it’s time to put it on your ear and experience it in action.As mentioned above, I work a lot of overtime, so I have no free time to use the left point sleep machine, so I use it at midnight before going to bed after work.Because I work late and the hours are not fixed, I often return to my bed at home and toss and turn for a long time, which makes it difficult to fall asleep.But after a few days with the left dot machine, I did seem to fall asleep faster than before.A sleep test on the Honor smartwatch showed a significant improvement in sleep quality after four consecutive days of using the left dot.I was a little worried about the IQ tax at first, but the left dot has really helped me with insomnia and sleep quality.Of course, because back home New Year’s Day to play more hi, from the New Year’s eve vigil began to fall asleep very late.It seems that morpheus regulation besides outside force intervention, still need to let life become regular rise just go.Finally, I will summarize the feeling of using the left point sleep instrument.1. If you are not used to wearing ear clips while sleeping, use them at other quiet times, such as reading.And while a pair of ear clips require 20 minutes to be clamped to the earlobe, they’re just right and cushioned with a sponge gasket, so they don’t hurt.2. During the working process of the left point sleep instrument, as long as the normal saline is used and the mode and gear are adjusted well, there will be no current tingling sensation, which is quite safe and reliable.3. At first, I thought the price of more than one thousand was a little expensive. However, after comparing the price of similar foreign products at about seven or eight thousand and combining with good experience effect, I suddenly found that the left point sleep instrument was quite conscientious.4. For other ways to regulate sleep, the CES electric therapy of the left point sleep instrument is more effective and safer, without drug dependence, and without worrying about drug resistance and dependence.So for those of you who suffer from insomnia like me, consider a left point sleep machine.