These two days, hangzhou people’s circle of friends for help a brush screen

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Since the evening of the day before yesterday, there has been a message in the circle of friends of many Hangzhou people. Because the hands of the medical staff have been hard and swollen for a long time, they hope that they can take a bottle of water to warm their hands when doing nucleic acid.Many medical staff of the “hand” to let a person see the really love red don’t say some long frostbite cold fingers “day flexion and special pain at night is a sharp itch” zhejiang university second hospital orthopaedic surgeon Wang Chen in fuyang for nucleic acid detection with the team “a couple of hours has not his own hand” when Wang Chen prepared to hand is as usual for a residentA young mother handed over a bottle of hot mineral water. “She said it was not for drinking, but to warm your hands and hold the bottle.Didn’t know what call “a lot of people in the circle of friends in spontaneous appeal such calls also got everyone’s consistent response soon more old more care in the rotational or clearance elimination using hot warm hand a 2 year old baby bottle bent hands warm baby to” white “brother elder sister’s hand to the researchers in stitches and moved all the players said” shine on each otherFrom this morning, fuyang district to carry out free nucleic acid testing of “willing to test all” part of the sampling time of 24 hours.The reporter noted that the nucleic acid sampling time at some test sites is 24 hours. Judging from the arrangement, many medical staff will stick to their posts no matter whether it is Chinese New Year’s Eve or the first day of the New Year.In order to effectively block the spread of the epidemic and ensure the safety and health of all residents in the District, we have decided to carry out free nucleic acid testing in the district. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:The general public friends can go to the nearest hospital, the township (street) community health service center for nucleic acid testing.Your support is vital to stop the spread of the virus!Thank you for your understanding!The weather is cold, please pay attention to keep warm!The specific schedule is as follows: 1. Nucleic acid sampling time of district 1 hospital, District 2 Hospital and Women’s Health Care Hospital is 24 hours.Nucleic acid sampling time of district Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is 7:30-19:00, 8:00-11:30 and 13:30-17:00 after New Year’s Eve.Juli and Social Health Center service hours are 8:00 — 11:00 and 12:30 — 22:00;Lishan Social Health Center: 8:30 to 10:30 (Location: No. 128 Lishan Village Street, Lishan Town);Service time: 14:00-22:00 (place: Lishan Village Family Banquet Center);3. There is no Spring Festival holiday at nucleic acid testing sites.List of nucleic acid test sampling sites in Fuyang District on January 31, 2022 Sampling sites Name details Address Telephone Number Juli Demolition Headquarters Parking Yard Fuchun Street Juli Road (opposite to Osteomyelitis Hospital) 63135333 Fuyang First People’s Hospital Fuchun Street North Ring Road 429No. 63157880 (outpatient) 63345600 (emergency) Fuyang District Second People’s Hospital, No. 71 dengcheng North Road, Xindeng Town, 58986008 Fuyang District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, No. 2-4 Guihua Road, Fuchun Street, 6170060961766239 Fuyang District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, No. 25 Hengliangting Road, Fuchun Street, 631353336312 5201 Chang ‘an Social Health Center, Intersection of Daxiang Line and Huanjin Line, Datian Village, Chang ‘an Town 5883772718757565951 Evergreen Social Health Center, Changkou Social Health Center, No. 7, New Street, Changkou Town, changkou 13588349970, 200 Zhujian Road, Chunjiang Social Health Center, Chunjiang StreetNumber 63586676 spring spring spring club who centre built township Jian Village clever brook no. 120, 6347212063472118 and source clubs with big source town health center lang road 38, 63591116 east Asian social health center dongzhou looking eastward across the street road no. 289 6170990862059052 DongQiao club who center DongQiao DongQiao DongQiao town village head 300No. 68 Huanshan North Road, Huanyi Village, Huanshan Township 58838358 Lishan Social Health Center 128 Lishan Village shangjie, Lishan TownNo. 103 longsan Village, Longmen Town 1365681926758837392 Lushan Social Health Center 150 Gongnong Road, Jiangjia Village, Lushan StreetNo.68, Xia Village, Liuzhu Village, spose Zhuzhen, No.58838563, Shangguan Social health Center, Spose No.612, Dasheng Village, Shangguan Township, 58838261, admitted Social Health Center, Tongzheng Road, Yinhu Street, No.35, Wanshi Road, mengseNo.62008120 Xitong Social Health Center No.20, Fuxin Road, Xitong Village, Xitong Township 58839212 Xukou Social Health Center No.83, Xukou Village, Xukou Town 63288088 Yongchang Social Health Center No.9, Yongchang New Street, Yongchang Town 1516824103558837835 Yushan Social Health Center No.153-1, Liming, Yushan Village, Yushan TownshipNo. 58837315 Our proposal: When you go to the nucleic acid testing point before you can prepare a bottle of hot water for the medical staff concentric anti-epidemic, Hangzhou will win!Source: Hangzhou Daily ZJ