Equipped with Ling OS, Capgemini 280T smart collar “big four” new era

2022-05-10 0 By

Following saIC-GM-Wuling’s official announcement of the upgraded Model of Wuling Capgemini — The new power configuration of Capgemini 280T, today’s official announcement of another major upgrade of the new car, Capgemini 280T will be equipped with wuling’s new independent research and development of Ling OS System, to meet the strong power needs of users, while bringing more open and intelligent travel experience.(* The red car color is the special car color of the Year of tiger, subject to actual visit.) Ling OS is a brand new open intelligent ecosystem developed by SAIC-GM-Wuling and integrated with top quality resources in the industry such as Btai, Spitch and IFLYTEK. By building a tacit intelligent ecosystem of cars, people and life,Seamless coverage of car owners travel, entertainment, social and other scenes, to provide Wuling users with anthropomorphic, social, intelligent travel ecological experience.With an exclusive Ling ID, users can enjoy “multi-scene, multi-touch, multi-dimensional” brand services.Since its debut on Wuling Star in September 2021, The Ling OS System has been warmly connected with more than 50,000 users. The first OTA upgrade in December, the continuous optimization of voice recognition technology, only takes 0.8 seconds, the fastest in the industry!Secondly, the waking time of Ling OS system is only 2.7 seconds.GPS cold start positioning, speed up to 7 seconds;System startup speed optimized to 28 seconds, three create the best industry!Stars with this system won the ninth Xuanyuan award “intelligent cockpit voice experience ranking” third.The Capgemini 280T equipped with Ling OS System will provide users with a more convenient, thoughtful and intelligent car experience, and further expand users’ “big four seat” family travel mode in life, entertainment, social and other different scenes.During daily driving, users can deeply interact with xiao Wu Xiaoling, the world’s first 3D real-time rendering vehicle assistant, through the Ling OS system. Users can easily customize wake-up words, continuous dialogue, multi-voice commands and other functions, and enjoy top-level voice interaction experience.Ling OS system is also the first ecosystem connected with ETC, through which users can experience the travel convenience brought by non-inductive payment.At the same time, Wuling also joined hands with NetEase Cloud Music to launch the first strategic cooperation of in-depth customization at the system level in the industry. The industry pioneered NetEase cloud music player software built into the Internet of vehicles, realizing multi-screen linkage and one-button interworking of NetEase cloud Music accounts, creating an exclusive on-board entertainment ecology for users.In addition, the Ling OS system also supports wechat location sharing and one-click destination preset, making daily commuting to and from family members more convenient.When traveling by car, using the road book function can help users plan short, medium and long distance trips, save time and worry;Built-in group travel function, set travel destination, realize real-time location sharing and information exchange of group travel, feel the new social play.The Ling OS system supports OTA remote upgrade, allowing you to enjoy continuous upgrade services that seamlessly cover travel, entertainment, social and other scenarios anytime and anywhere.For users, Ling OS system is the “partner” accompanying travel life. In the future, Wuling will always focus on users’ use scenarios and load more surprise functions, constantly stimulate the infinite possibilities of Ling OS and accompany users with tacit understanding.Quality upgrade, wisdom advanced.Capgemini 280T equipped with Ling OS is wuling Silver Standard’s concept and adherence to shaping global quality, and will continue to create a more flexible, open and diversified intelligent travel experience for Chinese families!