Betta fish “six sister” only two!Nado has officially announced that he will leave the company

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Natto Nado, one of douyu’s “five sisters” and “six sisters”, estimated that early douyu’s water friends were very familiar with her.Natto Nado started out as a well-known anchor on “Little Crappy Station”, with a status known as one of the “Three Pillars”.As Li yuchun’s junior teacher, she majored in music at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, so she has a large number of fans in Douyu with her professional singing.Earlier this year, Nado announced in the studio that her contract with Douyu had expired and that she would go off the air to deal with it.Nado also revealed that many live streaming platforms have offered it “olive branches”, such as YY Live, Huya and short video platforms, but Nado has not considered it well.However, on the night of The first day of the lunar New Year, Nado, a former female anchor of Douyu, announced her new live-streaming platform on Weibo.Nado announced on her micro blog, “Let’s get to know each other again”, that she will open her first song show on February 5th at “Xiaozhuozhan”. At this point, Nado will officially leave Douyu Live broadcasting and start a new journey of live broadcasting.Nado’s departure from Douyu has been a long time coming, and it’s no surprise to many fans who know her well that she didn’t renew her contract.Nado recently reposted “Dream like Dust” PV, the song at the end of “Dragon and Snake”, which was sung by nado.For the “two yuan culture” more strong “small broken station”, many fans feel that now Nado job-hopping is a wise choice.Her lovely and lovely image is very compatible with the two-dimensional attributes, and there will be more possibilities of business cooperation after her outstanding singing skills.In fact, in addition to Nado, the former betta fish dance female anchor xiao Deeply, as well as the two-dimensional division of xiao Yuan, demon King have also jumped ship to “small broken station” as anchors, and have achieved good results.Among them, small edge is also in the “small broken station” started, back naturally also got a lot of netizens and fans support.She is a well-known singer and host, and many of her “power” covers are also popular on the Internet.Another former female anchor, Xiao Shener, is also enjoying a smooth career. More than 400 “captains” attended her debut show within half an hour.As a former dance hostess, Xiao Deeply er is actually trying to transform the two-dimensional style of dance.The response was surprisingly good, and many of the dance pieces were viewed more than a million times.For small margin, small deeply son has now nado to jump ship to the “small broken station”, xiaobian personally feel that they go earlier than von Timmer is more suitable.What do you think will be the reaction to Nado’s return to “little Station”?Now there are few of douyu’s former “six sister” left, only Tueshu Ke and A Leng who have just returned. It seems that the “six sister era” has gone forever.For more exciting content, follow us at Fan-Bang Entertainment