Suffer from uterine flesh tumour how should do?There are four foods you should avoid to protect your uterus, doctors warn

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“Zhang Director, I this flesh tumour use operation?”Many fibroids patients will have this doubt, fear of surgery, do not do surgery, fibroids soaring more terrible.The more this time, the more do not be too nervous, if it has been checked out, what should be done?Got muscle tumor actually, the body can have “hint” will tell above all the change that is menstruation, muscle tumor below most circumstances won’t affect menstruation cycle, but the likelihood can period is prolonged, some people come even half a month, additionally classics quantity also can increase, because this anemia even a few patients.In addition, uterine fibroids will lead to more leucorrhea, if the fibroids are large, but also oppression of other organs, urination difficulties, frequent urination constipation and other problems.Some patients come to ask is painful, bilge painful sit is not the station is not, that is pressure to nerve blood vessels or pelvic viscera.So, grew flesh tumour to have to cut quickly, avoid hind disease?Basically the actual situation that still sees a doctor, did not appear menstruation is abnormal within 5 centimeters, anaemia, the problem such as micturition difficulty, can choose Chinese traditional medicine recuperation.But these patients need a pelvic exam or a B-scan every three months or six months.Fibroids are already more than five centimeters in diameter.Women who have had multiple miscarriages or have not been pregnant for a long time are found to have fibroids after examination.Fibroids are small in size, but grow in the lower cervix of the uterus and other special parts, and cause people to have frequent urination, anemia, difficulty urinating and other problems.Through examination discovery uterine flesh tumour is having the possibility of evil change, must undertake cure actively right now!Suffer from uterine flesh tumour how should do?Doctor’s note:To protect the uterus, as far as possible don’t eat four kinds of foods if it is found that estrogen levels higher uterine fibroids, so in daily life, need to avoid some foods contain estrogen, many women are still a lot of food during the onset of estrogen, which can easily lead to higher levels of estrogen in the body, make the growth of uterine fibroids,There may be some adverse symptoms.In our daily life, there are many foods with high estrogen content, such as soybeans and soybean products, royal jelly, honey and so on.Pickled foods Although some pickled foods are especially eaten with meals, the cooking process of these foods will produce some nitrites, which will increase the level of iodine in the body, raise blood pressure, and is not good for kidney health.For friends with uterine fibroids, we should eat less pickled food in daily life, otherwise it will accelerate the change of endometrium, and it will not be conducive to the stability and recovery of the disease.Regular intake of high fat food will not only bring obesity, but also provide a lot of energy for uterine fibroids to promote the growth of uterine fibroids, which is likely to accelerate the growth of uterine fibroids, but also bring some obvious harm to the body.Therefore, in the process of uterine fibroids affecting body health, it is necessary to control calorie intake and reduce the income of high-fat food, so as to avoid obesity caused by excessive fat intake or accelerate the development of uterine fibroids.Raw and cold food raw and cold food for women’s uterus and ovarian damage is very big, not only will cause cold problems, but also affect the discharge of toxins in the uterus, is not conducive to the health of the body, is not conducive to the stability of the condition.In particular, women with uterine fibroids, if they usually eat a lot of raw and cold food, it will easily aggravate the problem of uterine fibroids, but also easy to lead to deterioration of the condition.For women, it is recommended that the above people to eat less and talk about four kinds of food, especially for the patients with uterine fibroids, should pay more attention to, such ability can ease for uterine injury, at ordinary times must light diet, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, helps to caress the uterus health, also can bring the benefits to the body.In addition to the diet to pay attention to, we should also adhere to exercise, appropriate exercise can enhance metabolic efficiency, can also accelerate blood circulation, help protect the uterus, so as to alleviate the disease, make their own body more healthy.