Legend of the Table

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Wang Haitao was not only a calligrapher, but also a good judge. There are many legends about his cases.Zhou Jixian couple put up with all kinds of hardships to bring up their only son Zhou Houwei, and help him get married and start a career, his wife Li Xiuying, not only beautiful, but also very virtuous, filial piety in-laws, thrifty, is a hundred li difficult to pick a good daughter-in-law.The young couple married happily and their life was full of sunshine.Unexpectedly, Zhou Hou went home for the Spring Festival. After dinner, he went back to his room to rest.Suddenly feel the whole body cold calendar harm, appear high fever, headache, nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms.The whole family was terrified;Neighbor Chen Dashan called the emergency center 120 for help.However, zhou Houwei left before the ambulance from the emergency center arrived.He is healthy and healthy. How can he just walk away?It’s strange.5. Zhou Houwei’s parents knew that rural people had no politics, but they could not live without “things after death”.The parents grieve, the wife suffers.The whole affair made no sense after the funeral.Some said it was poisoning, some said it was natural and man-made disaster, the family should have bad luck, and even some said it was Li Xiuying, the punishment of bad heart, murder husband.2. Zhou Jixian two old son did not believe, daughter-in-law than daughter also close, she also sank in sorrow.But the overwhelming words rolling in, the god of god, can not help but make people do not believe that the son did not sleep eyes, Zhou Jixian decided to Sue daughter-in-law, get a understand, or daughter-in-law a clean body.Zhou Jixian asked a lawyer to write a lawsuit to the local Supreme Court against his wife, Li Xiuying, for murdering her husband.Wang Haitao judge received this case, he thought during the day and night, also feel that this is a strange case, Wang Haitao to Li Xiuying home and the village inspection and unannounced visit, understand Li Xiuying is a virtuous woman, and know zhou Hou is dead after eating.Images from network haitao to Zhou Jixian watched around in the home, no problem, finally into Zhou Jiazhai careful observation, three big buildings, refrigerator TV is put in the sitting room clean and tidy, annatto old square table in the middle of the sitting room, a one hundred zhang haitao finish see all, detailed ask again on the day of the dead an accident symptom, if only one keeps the heart.Two days later, Judge Zhang Haitao announced the public trial of the case. The address of the trial court was set up in the home of the victim. The villagers heard that the judge was in the home of the victim.That day Judge Zhang Haitao and his assistant got up very early and went to Zhou Jiwei’s house. They sent Li Xiuying to cook a big bowl of eggs, covered it with shau Kei and left it in the middle of the big table, saying, “Come back when I am finished. No one in the family can go out.”Everyone sat and so on, fast to eat lunch, judge Zhang hand took an electric baton, and his assistant leisurely toward the middle of the living room table, the electric baton beat the table way: “table, please answer, is it you hide the murderer?”The crowd was amazed. What is this called a trial?Judge Zhang then asked the table: “you this evil thousand years of recessive killer, harm no one shallow, give me roll out, show your true form!””Said the shau kei with an electric stick to pick open, then a giant centipede, from the dishes in a flash, people looked at the heart flutter.At the moment, Judge Zhang ordered his assistant to take a big yellow dog and pour the scrambled eggs on the table to the dog. The big yellow dog bled to death in less than a moment.3. Judge Zhang Haitao also asked people to bring a knife to dig a seam in the middle of the table, electric rod to block the seam, they were surprised, the original table seam there are two feet long giant centipede and many small centipede, mom!A complete centipede family, appeared in front of everyone, how scary ah!Image from Internet