When you are old, if your wife goes first and your children are not filial, make three preparations

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Want to learn more wonderful content, quick to focus on writing life times article/writing life times figure/derived from network infringement please contact deleted – everyone will have one day old, this is inevitable, because of this, we should adjust state of mind, plan ahead, only in this way can come in later life, has more clout and retreat.Many people will take care of their old age very seriously, always feel that as long as there are enough children, there will be more security in old age, but the reality of life is that there are many children who are not filial, sometimes more children, but more likely to appear the phenomenon of mutual buck-passing, so that there is no security in old age.In the final analysis, everyone is an individual. It is better to depend on oneself than on others.When you are old, if your wife goes first and your children are not filial, you should make three preparations in advance. Only in this way can you make your old age more successful.One: if you have your own savings, you will not place all your hopes on others. In life, we will find that the elderly with retirement and those without pension not only live two completely different lives, but also have two completely different attitudes towards their children.The treatment of the elderly in the city is usually more positive, generally quarterly or annual rotation, are the children to pick up.In the countryside, where most work is done on a monthly basis, the elderly are evicted, undignified, before their children’s homes.There was even a tragic case in which an elderly man died in front of his son’s house after his children refused to supervise him.The reason for this is both realistic and simple.Old people in cities usually have their own retirement salary, they can support their own living expenses, some retirement salary is higher, and they can even subsidize their children.The elderly in rural areas usually have only some pension subsidies, or even no income, and all their sources of living depend on their children to support them.Although in principle, it is natural for children to support the elderly, but in practice, the elderly without their own income will feel humble in front of their children, feel that they should rely on their children’s charity.So, stop thinking that you can rely on your children and your partner when you’re old. Stop raising children for old age.When you get really old, you can’t rely on anything other than your retirement salary or your savings.Housing prices have become an unspeakable pain in modern life. After all, your salary growth will never catch up with the growth of housing prices.Many old people have already owned their own house and accomplished major life events when they were young, before housing prices took off.So when they see their children struggling for a house, many old people will choose to sell their house, or transfer the ownership to their children’s name, to ease their burden.Such behavior is great, but personally I don’t think it is worth advocating.Never use property to test humanity, although through such behavior, it seems to ease the burden for children, but in fact, you are putting yourself in an embarrassing and dangerous situation.You can trust the filial piety of your children, but you also need to save the leverage to protect yourself.Even if the children are dutiful, there is no guarantee that their spouse will be dutiful and their life will not change.Give yourself a place to live, at least not homeless, no matter what happens.You use a sincere to the child, the child may not be able to take a hundred percent sincere to you, because the child, will also have his own child.So anyway want to have own residence, can not be big also can not be luxurious, but must completely belong to oneself, only such, you just have dominant power, ability everything oneself say the final word, otherwise hard to avoid look at person’s facial expression.Three: have their own social circle, not only can let the spirit of sustenance, but also can help each other in life nowadays, many old people will not choose to live with their children, some of their own choice, some even want to live with their children, their children may not agree.Whether the former or the latter, the result is the same, that is to live on their own.Since you live on your own, you should have a social circle of your own. You should have at least one or two friends you can trust completely, so that you can have someone to consult with or turn to for help in case of any problems.Group pension, is a very popular way of pension.The so-called group, in fact, is a group of similar situation and have a common concept of the elderly, live together, or together to buy a house, or often meet, in short, will regard each other as a kind of spiritual dependence, help each other, take care of each other, not only can send lonely, but also can let life have more security.When you get old, what you fear most is loneliness. However, true loneliness is not that you are alone, but that your heart has no sustenance. Therefore, friends have become an extremely important part of your life.If your spouse gets ahead of you and your children don’t, make sure you have your own savings, a home and a social network.It will make your old age a lot more successful and enjoyable.