Too far!Zhou Zhi if more and more ugly, extinction teacher too more and more beautiful!Which will Zhang Wuji choose?

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Wang Jing’s new sky dependent film, the casting is really ridiculous!Extinction teacher too unexpectedly yan pressure Zhou Zhi if, become appearance level bear!Some netizens even shout, hope Zhang Wuji and extinction teacher tai together.In previous movies and TV dramas, they followed the original works.Zhou Zhi if is extremely beautiful beauty, extinction teacher tai is old and fierce.And then it got worse and worse.Zhou Zhi if more and more ugly, extinction teacher too more and more beautiful!That led many netizens to want Zhang To be with the exterminator.Is this a subversion of the book?Before zhou Zhi if long like this, show if zhilan, qingli moving.In the 1994 version of “Rely on Heaven and Slay the Dragon”, Zhou Zhiruo was played by the 28-year-old Zhou Haimei, known as: the most beautiful Zhou Zhiruo;The most classic Zhou Zhi if;Most consistent with the original Zhou Zhi if;Jin Yong is also the most recognized Zhou Zhi if.Before the extinction of teacher too long, old, very fierce 1994 version of the extinction of teacher too, played by the 48-year-old Zhang Bingyu, dressed as old and fierce, the Zhou Zhiif played by Zhou Haimei foil better.Later version, Zhou Zhi if the appearance level slowly reduced, extinction teacher too appearance level slowly high.2001 version of “sky” : She Sheman played Zhou Zhiruo, Wai Yinghong played extinction teacher She Sheman was born in 1975, 26 years old to play Zhou Zhiruo.At that time her face a little baby fat, not later so delicate, a lot of people do not eat her yan, think her Zhou Zhi if very ugly, rustic like a village maid.Wai ying-hung was born in 1960. She was 41 when she starred in the film.In age, younger than the previous editions, the face is very delicate, looks very good.This version, if zhou Zhi and extinction teacher too appearance level, can be said to play a draw.Put a photo of the two of them in the same frame for comparison.Wai Yinghong when young, appearance level does not lose she Sheman 2009 version of “heaven and Dragon record” : Liu Jing played zhou Zhi if, Wang Jing Hua played extinction teacher Tai Liu Jing was born in 1983, 25 years old to play Zhou Zhi if, facial features are not delicate, looks more old, appearance level is not as good as extinction teacher tai.Once the play was broadcast, she got a “the ugliest Zhou Zhi if” title.Jing Hua Wang was born in 1972, 36 years old to play extinction teacher tai, dignified facial features, beautiful appearance, temperament outstanding, simply put Zhou Zhi if seconds into scum.The play earned her the title of “the most beautiful exterminator”.Jing Hua wang young appearance, very dignified and beautiful.Zhu Xudan was born in 1992 and played Zhou Zhiruo at the age of 26.Zhou haimei was born in 1966.By contrast, although Zhu Xudan has the advantage of age, she does not look as delicate as Zhou Haimei.Once this play is broadcast, Zhou Haimei replaces Jing Hua Wang, become “the most beautiful extermination teacher”.In her younger days, Chow haimei was even more beautiful, recognizable and radiant.Qiu Was born in 1990 and played Zhou Zhiruo at the age of 30.Born in 1969, Liang is 51 years old.(Filming will begin in 2020.)Despite the age difference of 21 years old, qiu Yinong was still yan pressure by Liang Zheng.Qiu yinong’s face is full of silicone, not a beautiful feature.Liang Zheng’s face is more natural, facial features are more delicate, temperament is better.Qiu Meaning thick replace Liu Jing, become “the ugliest week Zhi if in history”.Liang Zheng was more beautiful when he was young. After seeing the above casting, I can only say: now the director, casting is like a joke, one is more unreliable than the other.The actresses of today are getting worse each generation.For a classic film and television work, the casting of the director must be appropriate, and the fit between the actors and roles must be very high, such as the 83 version of The Legend of the Conscript Heroes, the 86 version of The Journey to the West, and the 87 version of the Dream of red Mansions.Films and TV works that fail in casting are often turned into bad films/dramas, such as the 2022 New Yitian film, which received poor reviews and received less than 4 points on Douban.Although the quality of actresses is not as good as in the past and there are too many face-lifts, it is still possible to choose actresses who are more suitable for their roles.Can go to film academy selection, can also be nationwide auditions, as long as the director carefully, will be able to select more appropriate actors, to present better performance effects for the audience.