Horse racing girl: Capricorns show their personal work and develop their ideas first

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NGA- The rabbit streaking under the moon the first day record 12/20, because into the king is really too pull, the next day the first two rounds and lost 3 after re-training a queen cut two 5 consecutive wins, the next day record 17/20.I can use the short distance horse is really too few, no mail, no potato, no mother change skin, so in the selection of king, chestnut hat, choose Cannon bao as the third choice.Chestnut hat, raw leather and Santa hat will do, go wrong.I’m not going to change my Santa hat because it’s finished.The wedding cannon for Gunbao, the bonus for heavy cannon is too bad, it may be painful to nurture.There is not much difference in skill.Run ahead.The king runs first.Below is the battle map and panel map (I think Gunbo could be more concave).Key points of victory and defeat: the strength of this competition should be high in any case, more than 900 is better, S is the best grass.Short distance S need not be forced, but there is still A gap between A and B, unless there is A particularly strong UB, or try to change to A better.The first big move is the original skin eagle and change skin bay, of course, the original skin chestnut hat big move effect is also good.In this match, the player will recommend the skill in the middle of the game, and the gold puller is a high priority. A perfect gold puller will help you win the match.The necessary skills are: Condor Big (Changpi Bay big)& GT;Mountaineer & gt;Gold pull = first short turn double lap >Other mid disc speed skills.There are many ways to win first, such as a perfect three wind, but it is more face-betting.Another way to win with high stability is to compete for a good position in the middle of the heap, and to enter the final set by saving speed skill at the end of the turn.Christmas hat skills group is relatively simple, 3 blue by a small rest bet face on the line.The high power panel is key.Show the accompanying card: