Ensure rural water supply demand, so that the masses feel comfortable holidays

2022-05-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival, migrant workers return to their hometowns and gather with their relatives, and rural residents use more water.What about the rural water supply?February 5, reporters came to Guangan district to find out.In guang ‘an District Huaqiao water plant, the reporter saw that the staff are on the water system facilities, pumping stations, reservoirs (including high level adjustment reservoir), power transmission lines, electrical equipment, and other comprehensive inspection, increase the intensity and frequency of water and water supply network inspection.”Huaqiao Water Plant is responsible for about 20,000 users of Huaqiao town and Longtai Town.”Water plant water monitor Wu Xiaohui told reporters that in previous years, every Spring Festival, the water plant has a shortage of water supply.In order to ensure water supply during the Spring Festival this year, Guang ‘an District Water Bureau organized Honghao Water Company to invest more than 100,000 yuan to install a new emergency pump, a water pipeline of 500 meters, a temporary transmission line of 350 meters, and a temporary transformer, which can increase water supply by 2,000 cubic meters every day.”There will be no water cut off in huaqiao area this year, and the water pressure will also increase.”Wu xiaohui said.On the same day, at the entrance of the longtai town nursing home, reporters saw the staff is washing the streets with running water.”Compared with previous years, the water supply is abundant and the water pressure is sufficient.So we decided to wash the inside and outside of the home to make it clean for the holiday.”Longtai nursing home president Jiang Tianliang told reporters.”There is no small matter in water supply.Guangan District Honghao water company director, township water supply station deputy director Ye Hong introduced, Honghao water company this year township water supply households reached more than 60,000 households, more than 3,000 households than last year, water supply task heavy pressure.But under their full protection, guang ‘an district township water supply is adequate.During the festival, in order to meet the demand of rural water supply, let people comfortable holiday, cross area water authority hosted special workshops, except emergency pump water newly installed at flower bridge, hong hao also decided by the cross area water company for all the water stop factory holiday calendar year within its jurisdiction, the height of the water shortage problem formulation feasible emergency water supply project,Cooperate with local township government to strengthen emergency dispatching of water supply and adopt staggered peak and segmented water supply.To the years prone to frost heaving water meter, user water pipe supply area users widely publicized cold anti-freeze treatment emergency measures.Prepare enough emergency supplies and emergency repair equipment and tools in advance to ensure timely distribution of emergency repair supplies in case of emergencies.In addition, Guang ‘an district also requires Honghao water during holidays, the implementation of the leadership shift system, the staff on duty 24 hours, timely deal with users call to visit all kinds of water problems.Each water supply station and factory shall set up emergency rescue teams, and repair personnel and vehicles shall be on standby at any time. In case of sudden water supply incidents, they shall promptly handle and effectively respond to them, and timely report to the local government and superior competent departments according to relevant regulations.Adhere to the principle of “minor repair not overnight, major repair continuous dry” to improve service.The wechat working group of local government and village group was used to issue water supply supervision telephone and emergency repair telephone, and pay close attention to all kinds of public opinions on rural water supply, such as telephone feedback, wechat reprint and 12345 hotline.Standardize the reception and acceptance of users’ demands for water, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of raw, cold, hard and push phenomena.(Liao Xiaobing, Guangan District Finance media, Liu Lihua, all media reporter of Guangan Daily) Editor: Hou Yihang