At the beginning of 2022, immoral artists are forbidden to appear on screen!The embarrassment of the seven stars is outrageous

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The year 2022 has just started with big moves in the entertainment industry.The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has issued a number of bans, all related to the rectification of order and norms in the entertainment industry.Two days ago, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) announced that in the 14th Five-year Plan for The Development of Chinese TV dramas, the state Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has banned immoral entertainers from appearing in TV dramas.The report points out two important points: one is to regulate market order and the other is to improve the market environment.It is mentioned in “Optimizing market Environment” that actors and related institutions involved in illegal acts such as tax evasion, “yin-yang contract” and “sky-high remuneration” should be severely dealt with, and immoral artists should be prohibited from making their voices heard in TV dramas.The planning report mentioned these points, for many stars in the current entertainment industry, can be described as a “bolt from the blue”.In particular, “immoral artists” who continue to appear on the small screen may have to “worry” under the ban.Here’s a look at seven borderline celebrities, each of whom has made a splash in the past: 01.The birth of xue Zhiqian’s word “seeking hammer to get hammer” also owes to xue Zhiqian’s li Yutong incident.Let’s start by bringing the timeline back to 2017.On September 8, 2017, Xue Zhiqian announced his remarriage with his ex-wife Gao Leixin in a high profile on the personal social platform. Only 4 days later, Li Yutong also posted a long article on the personal social platform, pointing out that Xue Zhiqian was not as affectionate as he had created, and there were economic contacts between them.After the long post like a bombshell, let the Internet discussion exploded pot.While the discussion was in full swing, Xue Zhiqian belatedly replied after 3 days.The content of the reply is mainly about 3 points, and Li Yutong did not go beyond the relationship of friends, Li Yutong did give him economic help, but the two people are partnership business, love for Gao Leixin is very true.But when preparing in his side, Li Yutong also began to collect evidence.Soon, the second response of the two began, which also made Xue Zhiqian completely become a “moral loss artist”.He first accused Li Yutong and he cheated on him during the association, but also posted chat records to prove that he spent a lot of money for her in recent years, the result was li Yutong blackmail.After li Yutong also said that he had a fetus, the words are full of disgust, li Yutong’s name is open, and even said to Li Yutong’s family.And Li Yutong that side, is exposed to the transfer records between her and Xue Zhiqian, as well as his father’s recording, things come to an end, and then go is the court proceedings.It is rare for a public figure to tear an emotional dispute so badly.Less commonly, Xue’s misconduct in the dispute included, but was not limited to, inducing abortion, photocopying, lying, and some verbal humiliation and incitement.After the incident, Xue’s reputation was greatly affected and his workload was greatly reduced, but as time went on, he began to appear on the small screen again and attended many parties.From the perspective of “immoral artists”, his situation is indeed a bit dangerous.After the release of the “14th Five-year plan” for the development of Chinese TV dramas, another person has aroused great discussion, namely Chen He, who currently has two big TV dramas on the air.Chen He’s public image plummeted after his infidelity scandal in 2015. Over the years, though he continued to appear in variety shows and TV series, his reputation has always been poor.It all started in 2015.On January 22, 2015, Chen he posted a long article titled “I was Wrong” on his personal social media platform, stating that he and his ex-wife Xu Jing, whom he married after 13 years of dating, had divorced.The news exploded like a flash.At the beginning, Chen He borrowed the name of “good man” Zeng Xiaoxian to eat a lot of dividends, he and his ex-wife Xu Jing from the students all the way to the love also let the audience more willing to believe in his “good man”.Turns out his sudden divorce was hard to take.But show business love, on and off is also really normal.But soon, the next day, media broke the news that Chen He was due to emotional problems, and released a video of “Chen He zhang Zixuan passionate kiss”.A few days after the video was exposed, the reporter took a video of Chen He and Zhang Zixuan entering and leaving the apartment together, and zhang Zixuan came out and admitted that Chen He had been together.When we think Chen He is because of the problem, the event has reversed.Chen apologized on his social media platform and posted his divorce agreement with his ex-wife Xu Jing, who divorced in September 2014.Zhang and her ex-husband also divorced in 2014, raising questions about whether they had an affair.But in this case, we are dissatisfied with Chen He is clearly divorced, but he hid from the public, still on the show with his ex-wife to show love, deceive the audience.And after the incident, he and Zhang Zixuan soon show love, a variety of programs and TV dramas are not interrupted, even can be said to be very active.So much so that every time the “immoral artist” information appeared, he was mentioned the most times.03 wang Xun “honest man” always let people want to play the operation, this is the fastest people associate with Wang Xun.Everyone got to know Wang Xun when he was on the flagship variety show “Extreme Challenge” with Huang Bo and Sun Honglei, and he also became famous with this show.But Wang Xun has been in the business for many years.Before she became famous, Wang Xun had a bitter time.He and his ex-wife, Wei Zhen, have known each other since childhood and have been together for many years. They married in 1999, and it was Wei Zhen who accompanied him through the low point of his career.When they got married because of poor conditions, everything was in a hurry. In 2009, Wang Xun returned to his ex-wife for a wedding.As her works proliferate, Wang Xun also slowly began to have a name.In an interview, he said the couple had been childless for years because of her career, but said he loved her even without children.Since then, Wang has mentioned his love for his wife more than once in interviews, but at the same time, he has known and been with his current wife, who is 18 years younger than him, for more than a year and even has a child with her.In August 2013, Wei Zhen confirmed their divorce, lamenting: split!Such a rush, just as the rush of the union.The next day, While celebrating her husband’s birthday, Wang hinted at her rebirth, using the phrase “phoenix rising from the ashes”, and continued to show affection for her husband.Just two months later, Wang shared wedding photos with her current husband.However, the success of the current wife has not been smooth, Wang Xun was photographed dating a mystery woman, the current post “three out of three” comments.Wang Xun has two degrees of collapse is unknown, but his road popularity, long collapsed.Recently, netizens found that there is a TV series about to start shooting, the leading cast is very eye-catching, is the most representative of the “iron triangle” in the field of Chinese DRAMA — Wang Gang, Zhang Guoli, Zhang Tielin.”Iron Teeth Ji Xiaolan” combination after many years of fit, let a person excited to think.At the same time, some controversy about Zhang tielin appeared in the comments section.Although it is old play bone, but zhang Tielin body of “sex scandal” is really many, he has a daughter two illegitimate children.In 1978, Zhang tielin was admitted to The Beijing Film Academy with excellent results. He began acting in his sophomore year and went on to study in The UK.Because of his good looks, he married a Polish woman and had a daughter, Zhang Moon, but the marriage soon ended.His daughter lived with his mother and he returned to Korea to pursue his acting career.By chance, he met hou Junjie, who was still a sophomore at that time. Hou Junjie looked very outstanding at that time and attracted Zhang Tielin deeply.Under his intense courtship, the two got together despite a 17-year age difference.But zhang Tielin’s fresh feeling goes over very quickly, he liked to go up the Wang Yaqi of little him 25 years old, right now Hou Junjie had been pregnant, but he to can get away quickly, want Hou Junjie to kill the child.In the end, The hou Junjie will be sorry to leave the child, the feelings of two people also come to an end.But he still did not change his romantic nature, in a visit to the Guangdong Institute of Fashion, met the sophomore zi Xiaomin at that time, in his pursuit, they lived together, soon had a child.At first he knew the news of pregnancy, great anger, but soon, he agreed zi Xiaomin gave birth to a child.But after the baby was born, he took the baby to Beijing on the grounds that his parents wanted to see his grandson, and was never heard from again.Zi Xiaomin secretly went to Beijing, brought the child back to his hometown, ready to raise the child alone, but DID not think Zhang Tielin chased over, rushed into her home to strangle her neck to abuse her on the sofa.Later, he leads the men to zi Xiaomin when she and her son go out, and leaves Zi Xiaomin in the wilderness with his son.Zi Xiaomin caught up with Beijing, just out of the airport, that is, suffered a car accident, 9 disabled.Things come to this step, certainly can’t end peacefully, Zi Xiaomin found Hou Junjie, two people together will Zhang Tielin sued the court.Hou won and Zhang was ordered to pay 1.98 million yuan, but Zi’s case is still unresolved and she has not been able to see her son.One day in heaven, one day in hell is the best way to describe what happened to Li Yundi last year.Last year, Li yundi participated in the mango stage held “The Brother who Cut through the Thorns”, although early eliminated, but with piano skills and appearance, or harvest a lot of popularity.Before this, Li Yundi was already known as the “Prince of piano”. At the age of 18, he won the Gold medal at the Chopin International Piano Competition, which had been vacant for 15 years.But his story, let this “piano prince” filter completely broken.At 21 o ‘clock on The evening of October 21, Beijing Chaoyang police reported that Li Yundi had been arrested for visiting prostitutes, which exceeded all expectations of the event that night was the top of the hot search.No one expected that Li Yundi would circle in such a way.After the incident, Li yundi’s reputation took a turn for the worse.According to relevant public opinion analysis, after this incident, the proportion of the top 5% of the public’s negative feelings about Li Yundi soared to 22% during the questioning period, and then increased to 29%.The most obvious result of this terrible incident is the total collapse of his business endorsement, followed by more Revelations about his private life.Since 2017, Li yundi has been photographed secretly meeting women and even urinating in a street garden.Nearly four months have passed since the incident, and Li yundi has not been seen in public. Some netizens happened to see him on vacation with friends in Sanya, and it is certain that he will not be able to return to the screen in the near future.6. In Meng Meiqi, another former “top flow” collapsed in October last year.Maeng Mi-ki, who made her debut as the c-ranked first in “Creation 101,” has always been in the spotlight, including music, variety and film.But the roof could collapse, maybe overnight.On Oct 25, 2021, the ex-girlfriend of music producer Chen Lingtao posted a long article titled “We don’t have a happy fourth anniversary anymore” on her social media platform, alleging that Chen cheated on Meng Meiqi during their relationship. The article contains not only words but also chat records and other details.There’s enough evidence to deny it.Soon, Chen Lingtao, the hero of the incident, came out to explain that he had dated Meng Meiqi, but they had broken up, and his ex-girlfriend also chose to forgive him.Originally thought that was the end of the matter, but more stories and details about Meng meiqi’s “knowing three dangsan” were uncovered, and netizens discovered that this was not the first time meng Had done such a thing.Some netizens found evidence that she received huge gifts from fans.The incident continued to ferment, and eventually even The China Literature and Art Network came out to speak out, which can be regarded as a complete confirmation of Meng Meiqi as a “morally debased artist”.China Literature and Art Website commented on meng meiqi’s case this way: as a public figure, private morality is also “public” morality.Private morality has deficit, eventually unavoidable “public” morality has kui.No matter the “entertainment circle” or the “Internet celebrity circle”, neither can go out of the “moral circle”.After the incident, Meng’s variety show was immediately revamped. The film “Flying My Heart,” which she starred in as a tribute to the Winter Olympics, was scheduled to be screened during the Spring Festival but has also been withdrawn.It looks like she’s going to have a hard time keeping her screen presence.One day, leehom Wang, who had been a “quality idol” for more than ten years, also had an accident.On December 17, li jing grey hair long accused wang lee hom on individual social networking platform, accused him of cheating during love, marriage and other married women to keep bad relationships, two people before marriage property agreement, 5 years after marriage gave birth to three baby, but wang has always been to her cold violence, now because cheating will divorce with her, after the transfer of property.This long article, every piece of information is a bomb, because the evidence is so clear and clear that it is impossible to hammer.After that, Wang responded with his father’s response and a long apology, but the lines were not sincere and he kept playing the victim.After the affair began to ferment, he also began to guide public opinion to attack the woman, from “Japanese woman” to “mistress’s daughter”, and then to the intimate photos with the wrong “opposite sex”, and then greedy and indiscreet, and finally said that mental problems.And then there’s the creepy baby-sitter scene.People from both sides fought and fought, taking micro-blog as a battlefield of public opinion, making it “miasma” and completely losing their popularity.However, this case is not qualitative at present, will be reversed is unknown, and so on the result to make a final conclusion.For a long time, there has been such a saying in the entertainment circle: from art to virtue, from art to scholar.This sentence sounds simple, adding up to just 10 words, but it’s not easy to do.I hope the stars in the entertainment industry in the future can take this sentence to regulate their own, “immoral artist” absurd story, we do not want to see again.Bluestone film | this old meng bluestone movie original content, please do not reproduced in any form without authorization