Ultimate dou luo: Tang three Huo Yuhao Tang wu Lin with the box, Blue Xuanyu join tang door, into pirates to rob

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Introduction: “Ultimate dou Luo” comic interpretation, Tang Three Huo Yuhao Tang Wu Lin with the frame, Blue Xuanyu joined the Tang gate, into a pirate to rob.Article/not ended LanXuan yu in order to join the inner court, must get enough bucket days integral, so prepare to fight day mission, their spaceship need access to tang door, while tang door asking them to join tang door, then LanXuan yu found Tang Zhenhua weigh the pros and cons, the final decision together with partners to join the tang door, then go to fight day mission.LanXuan yu came to the tang door after seven people, Deng Bo led them to the hero of the temple of tang door, LanXuan yu a few statues, they saw in the hero inside are all tang door ancestors and don door, the most important figures in the history of LanXuan yu also seemed to be feeling the fantastic spirit fluctuations of thick, obviously from ancestors related to him!There are three very familiar faces in the statue, it is tang SAN, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wu Lin statue, did not expect to frame in this way.Later tang door vice door, at the same time, also is the house of the bucket Luo Dian main dream fly to LanXuan yu before them, and introduce yourself in after they read the tang door door, LanXuan they remember very seriously, in the dream fly read after then LanXuan yu their bows to the tang door three face after June, that is to say LanXuan yu they officially became a member of the tang door.Dream fly LanXuan yu after they on meditation, because join tang door members will get from tang door ancestors back, LanXuan yu they do, the result LanXuan yu was surprised to find emperor day woke up, he still don’t wake up, LanXuan yu I’m afraid I will forget him, don’t say LanXuan yu, the audience also forget him, he hastened to explain,Claimed that if Blue Xuan Yu encounter life danger, he will appear, fortunately, Blue Xuan Yu did not meet.Emperor day of blue Xuan Yu breakthrough predicament for some explanation, claimed that the biggest problem facing Blue Xuan Yu is the problem between the gold dragon blood and silver dragon blood, but did not give a solution, just said blue Xuan Yu is the future of the beast, he will do his best to help him complete the final breakthrough.LanXuan yu they stay to late to leave, everyone has a lot of harvest, after the dream fly was also awarded for they don door JueXue permissions, so LanXuan yu they have tang door this gold master dad funding, tang door is also generous, rented them directly a large warships to fight day task, Deng Bo at the time of transfer of warships is a good meal,At the same time also asked Blue Xuan Yu not to let the warship into the hands of pirates.With the battleship, Blue Xuan Yu took the class together, publicly announced that they are pirates, but also set up the thirty-three wings of pirates, as the head of his own, the students naturally all have no opinion, after all, everyone is waiting to hold his thigh!Besides him, no one was qualified to be colonel of the regiment.LanXuan yu also said they since as pirates, pirates will go to do the right thing to do, is to rob, because they perform the task of earnings is likely is not as good as they consume the cost of warships, so only through pirates robbed them of the black eat black way to accumulate enough to make the word armoured fighting resources, when it’s bad, this man, but I like it!Material from the network, such as assault delete!This article is here, the above are my personal views, do not like spray!If you like Weiyang, you can click on the top right corner to follow me. Your praise and support is the biggest encouragement for me.This article is created by “Man weiyang”, found plagiarism will protect their rights, just in the end, if you need to reprint please indicate the source oh ~