Travel must see!Linhe Three pairs of intercity bullet train schedule arrived

2022-05-07 0 By

The long-awaited C487/8 intercity BULLET train between Hohhot East Station and Linhe Station in Bayannur City will begin trial operation on December 26, 2021, with the train officially put into operation on January 10, 2022.At present, there are three pairs of intercity bullet trains available for passengers from Linhe Station to Hohhot East Station, the trains are C485/6, C487/8 and C489/90 respectively.The two pairs of trains adopt CR200J “Fuxing” power concentrated EMU body, the model body is bright green, is affectionately called “Green Giant” by passengers.Hardware equipment comprehensive upgrade “the hulk” adopts the most advanced technology, a number of China’s high-speed rail car services continue to revive the design style, compared with the ordinary train, seat more wide, can adjust Angle, the leg space is more capacious, car equipped with WiFi wireless network system, each under the seat is equipped with the multi-purpose socket with USB interface,Convenient for travelers to charge their mobile phones during the journey.The electric tea stove on the train is designed with children’s lock. The information display screens at both ends of the train continuously play real-time information such as train number, stop time, inside and outside temperature, train speed, etc. The light blue atmosphere light at the top of the train also makes the ride environment more warm.A service guide is placed on the back of the front seat, including safety instructions, the use of bus equipment and facilities, bus route maps of Hohhot, Baotou, Linhe and other places to facilitate passengers’ travel.In order to create a harmonious, warm and comfortable travel environment for passengers, Linhe Station provides ten service measures during the Spring Festival travel rush: 24-hour non-stop service at the ticket window;The first floor is equipped with the elderly, young, sick, disabled, pregnant key passenger waiting area;The waiting room on the second floor is equipped with emergency telephone and mobile phone charging piles;Online 12306 reservation, offline link service;Set up barrier-free access, disabled toilet pager;Provide hot water 24 hours a day;Two-star civilized toilet;Information desk provides wheelchair, stretcher, drop-off station;Transfer within the station, passengers who have bought tickets transfer to convenient transfer;Passengers can purchase tickets, check in and check in with electronic temporary identification.The operation of C487/8 and C489/90 intercity EMUS will further expand the one-hour traffic circle of Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos and Wulanchabu connected by the intercity EMUS to Bayannur, which will promote the interconnection of central and western Inner Mongolia and provide a more comfortable and convenient choice for passengers from Western Mongolia to the capital and the capital.Passengers taking buses from Linhe station can transfer from Hohhot east to Beijing-bound high-speed rail, which will shorten the journey time to 5 hours and 58 minutes from the previous 13 hours and 18 minutes.C487/8 and C489/90 intercity emU trains stopped at three stations in Hohhot East, Hohhot and Linhe, with the fastest journey time of 3 hours and 20 minutes, the shortest between Hohhot and Bayannur at present.Dear passengers, welcome to take c487/8 and C489/90 intercity trains!From Hohhot east, transfer to Beijing high-speed railway, and take the first choice intercity train at Linhe Station.On January 26, 2022, the c485/6 green movement between Hohhot east and Wuhai officially started, ushering in the 4-hour era of entering the capital. The End of the year has passed, and we welcome everyone to experience it.Source: Linhe Operation and maintenance Section rong media studio