The boy spends money extravagantly, and his mother lets him work in a milk tea shop to cultivate financial quotient, which is very effective

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The reunion of the Spring Festival is basically lively, and how to deal with the children’s New Year’s money has entered the “white-hot” stage, many parents only “cheat” their children’s huge sums of money, but ignore, in fact, this is a good opportunity to educate their children.Boy a spendthrift, mom let it work to milk tea shop is at the time of annual 4 every family reunion, a milk tea shop in chongqing, stood a seven-year-old child, to the comings and goings of the pedestrian cried out, “welcome”, looking at such a small “child labor” big Chinese New Year of hard work, passing people can’t help but see a few eye.It turned out that the seven-year-old boy was working for his own milk tea shop. The reason was that the boy received a lot of New Year’s money for the Chinese New Year, so he had to buy toys almost every day. Although the money was children’s, it was unreasonable to spend it all on toys.And in order to let the children do not spend New Year’s money, the mother told the boy to make money is not easy, and with New Year’s money should be reasonable planning.But in the eyes of seven-year-old boys, lucky money is relatively easy to get, as long as a few auspicious words on the line.Therefore, in order to let the child experience the difficulty of making money, the mother arranged the child to work in their own milk tea shop to experience life.When the doorboy at the door of the milk tea shop can only maintain a posture, mouth to repeat the cry of “welcome”, passing people will cast strange eyes, this moment the boy really understand, the original money is hard for, not so easy to imagine.Since childhood not reasonable consumption, grow up to be doomed to be crushed!Under this video, many netizens also think that what is wrong with a child buying toys for the Spring Festival?In the short term, spending hundreds of dollars on toys may not seem like a big deal, but in the long run, overspending can overwhelm adults who spent too much money when they were young and had the wrong idea that money was easy to make.We should know that wrong consumption concepts and behaviors are always a time bomb, which will explode one day in the future, and the consequences will be more than many people expect.In the young people, nowadays, advanced consumption is very popular, everything can be borrowed, installment, with the future money to do the present things, it seems to be using their own money, there is no unreasonable use in advance.But many people are likely to fall into the happiness of consumption, ignore their actual ability, and even start to borrow to borrow, and there is no specific concept of consumption.To put it bluntly, many people do not see the actual transaction process of money. This kind of online consumption gives people the illusion of “I am not spending money”, but in fact, they unknowingly spend more money than they can.Therefore, to set up the right concept of consumption for children is not to save “small money”, when spending money freely, grow up easy to drop the net loan trap, learn the treasure mother let children rein in the cliff, the effect is very impressive.How to cultivate children’s “financial intelligence” is a required course for parents!Parents should give their children the right to spend money. If they don’t let their children spend money by themselves in the name of “protection”, the children will have no chance of trial and error and growth.First let the child know money, understand the value of goods, and then within the range of their own can afford to give children the right to spend money, when children, with a small amount of money to teach children lessons, to establish the right concept of consumption is a very cost-effective education investment.3 to 5 year old children do not have the ability to spend a lot of money, but they can help their children to learn about money, play the game of “shopping” with their children at home, and lead their children to experience consumption.5-8 years old children can basically know all the money, the price of common goods in life also have a clear understanding, at this time can give children part of the money by their own disposal.Children over the age of 10 already have their own ideas. Parents should actively support, but not completely ignore, what they want to buy and achieve.In the final analysis, most children worship their parents and even hope to be contacted by their parents in some matters. At this time, parents should give their children enough rights and have appropriate suggestions.Teach your kids how to save money. When you’re young, you learn how to save money. Teaching your kids how to spend money and how to save money can go hand in hand.Qualified parents can take their children to the bank to learn about storage and investment. The key is to let children see the benefits of reasonable consumption and saving for investment.Parents have an inescapable responsibility to cultivate their children’s financial intelligence and money values. In addition to guiding their children, parents should also pay attention to whether their ideas about money affect their children.Especially in the lack of spiritual companionship, parents like to use money to make up for it. Virtually, parents pass on their attitude of caring about or contempt for money to their children.It is true that there are rich and poor people, but there is no difference between good and bad. Children can learn to face money correctly, reasonable consumption and life can also create infinite value and wealth with limited money.Will you let your children control their lucky money?