Spring Festival walk | Qi Xiang Spring Festival couplets, life is sweeter than honey

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Paste Spring Festival couplets, is the year.On the afternoon of the second day of the first lunar month, reporters came to the national civilized village – Taixing Huangqiao Town Qi Xiang village, reading Spring Festival couplets, feel the change of Qi xiang.Along both sides of Provincial Highway 334, there are national Civilized Village, China beautiful Village, National key village of Rural tourism, national “One village, one product” professional demonstration village…A piece of “country” font signboard suddenly let a person feel the extraordinary here.Village head, “spring scenery add brocade, tiger will tiger year Yang Tiger power” couplets hung high, far can see “Qi lane eight bowls” anti-aircraft artillery advertising billboards.Although it was already more than two o ‘clock in the afternoon, the farmhouse parking lot was still full of cars from Nanjing, Suzhou, Yangzhou and other places.Northeast family farmhouse, southwest style farmhouse along the river lined up, each with local characteristics, there are dozens of size rooms.”Carry guns to protect the motherland, return home for the father”, “veterans farmhouse” on the door of the unique couplet, you can see that the owner is from the army back home to start a business.Originally, veteran farmhouse owner Ding Jianbing has been a soldier for 15 years, twice won the third-class merit.After returning home, he has put his national secondary chef strength to use as first Chef at Qi Xiang Farmhouse Music, responsible for all farmhouse music’s ‘central kitchen’.”The golden signboard of Qi Xiang Farmhouse is’ Eight bowls’. Most of the ingredients come from local agricultural products, poultry and livestock, which is green and fresh.”According to organic manager LiuPing, at the beginning, the village will be a few idle houses between reinforcement converted farmhouse, retained the original farmhouse kitchen old kitchen head inside the kitchen POTS, POTS and cooking tools, soil, and according to the local native dishes, developed the famous “xu” eight bowl “” qi xiang” vegetarian “eight sample characteristic such as cuisine, flap countless” early adopters “to indulge.At the dinner table, the reporter did not see the big bowl.Liu Ping said, “eight bowls” pay attention to the benefits, now according to the number of people, launched a large bowl, medium bowl, small bowl.In fact, most of the staff in the farmhouse come from the countryside and know that food does not come easily. Every restaurant has a slogan to save food.Walking in the village, “cattle leave the old age auspicious, Fu Hu Rimmen Fu Yonglin”, “Spring gaobao civilization hospital, fushuichangliu happy home”, “good day shu Xin Shunyi, beautiful life happiness and peace”…This pair of couplets, write the villagers on the happiness of life.Taizhou newspaper media group, trade union chairman Ding Xiaoqing to “first secretary” in the qi xiang village, he happily told reporters a few days ago, in 2022 the “village night,” demonstration to show some special qi xiang village and taizhou held the second country Spring Festival evening party, theme is “happy holidays, celebrate winter games – we better life”,Dance “Taixing Huagu”, song and dance “Huangqiao Pancake Song”, “Beautiful Qi Lane”, female chorus “Ginkgo Fragrance place”……It presents a spiritual feast with rich local flavor to the people of the whole country.Ding xiaoqing said, Qixiang village to play the advantages of natural conditions, vigorously develop rural tourism, become the most beautiful village in the country, Miss World competition has been held in the village.With the deepening integration of agriculture and tourism, tourists can enjoy the one-stop service of eating, staying and playing. Every year, about 300,000 Chinese and foreign tourists are received, creating more than 400 jobs.Reporter Zhao Xiaoyong