Peter Crouch: It’s disgusting that England fans boo Maguire. I’ve been through that before

2022-05-07 0 By

Michael Maguire was booed by the Home crowd during England’s warm-up match against Ivory Coast.England star Peter Crouch writes in his Mail column about a similar experience playing for the Three Lions.Peter Crouch was the first to speak out against England fans booing their own players: “The way Michael Maguire was treated when his name was read out at Wembley was disgusting.I remember being booed by England fans through no fault of my own.Crouch recalled: “I came on as a substitute for Shaun wright-phillips in a World Cup qualifier against Poland at Old Trafford in October 2005 and the boos that greeted me will always be with me.I’m a Liverpool player so I know it’s a factor, but I still feel the stigma.Am I not an England international?People openly said I wasn’t good enough.England had Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Jermain Defoe and so on. I didn’t fit what an England striker should look like. That’s what the newspapers and the TV said.Crouch continued: “I remember Jamie Redknapp coming out and defending me and saying my level was good enough, as anyone who has played with me knows.Whether OR not I fit the criteria of an international player is one thing. I was booed at Old Trafford not just because I was a Liverpool player.The fans who don’t really know me — and I dare say they probably don’t really know the game either — hurt.My parents and sisters were there and it should have been one of the proudest days of my life, but it was completely ruined.”Crouch believes the booing clearly affects the players’ performance: “We can all say the players are paid and the booing is always with the players throughout their lives.But I don’t care what people say, the experience was really painful, you can’t stop it, you can even feel the fans laughing after you make a bad pass.Some people can say that booing doesn’t affect them, but I can tell you right now that it does.How could it not?The boos were heartbreaking.However, I have proved that I am good enough and luckily I have scored in almost every Game for England, but I have to be good throughout my career to be accepted.”Crouch also pointed out that other England internationals have faced boos from England fans.”I remember ASHLEY Cole being booed for an off-pitch incident and he has been the most consistent England player during my time with England.Lampard has also been booed at Wembley.Since they can all be booed, any player can be booed.It puts the players in a bit of an adversarial relationship with the fans.Finally Crouch said: “I had just moved from Southampton to Liverpool when I was booed and had not scored for my new team and I was struggling a bit in that period, just like Maguire has recently.He’s had difficulties at club level, you can’t deny that, but he hasn’t made any mistakes with England.Everyone is entitled to their opinion but booing your national team players before a game will have bad memories.”(Su Erhu)