New Year’s Walk! Ordinary railway workers pave the way for passengers to travel safely

2022-05-07 0 By

When people are enjoying the happy time during the Spring Festival, relatives to feel different, warm in nanchang bureau group co., LTD., wing on train operation depot, wing on south railway station, has a group of people, they stuck to the ordinary and important work silently, guarding the people peace and orderly travel, travel escort for the masses, they are representatives of ordinary railway.Yang Xin, who is on duty at Yongan South Railway Station, is from Hebei province. In order to ensure the safe travel of passengers during the epidemic, she abandoned the opportunity to accompany her family and resolutely decided to stick to the front line and do her job well.Yang xin told reporters that this year is the ninth year she has been working, because of the nature of the work, almost every year she does not go home for the Spring Festival.I can only go back once a year. I have a small family here, but I feel I owe my parents something and can’t take care of them all the time.In order to ensure everyone’s travel safety, she and her colleagues stick to their posts to ensure passengers have a safe, orderly and warm service atmosphere.Like Yang Xin, yong ‘an South Station has more than 10 staff, they gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, silently stick to their posts, in the ordinary post to give up small home for everyone, the safety responsibility, quality service on their shoulders, quietly become the railway “different scenery”.A railway line leading to a distant place extends a commitment and responsibility. “Festival commitment” has become a responsibility and responsibility of railway people, who rush to the front line without hesitation.Hats off to the “railroad men” who toil day and night!Source: Yong ‘an Rong Media Center Reporter: Chen Yao Lai Guangneng