Lantern Festival on the day of the moon index!But jiangsu will see a new round of rain and snow later this week

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After last weekend’s rain, Jiangsu will see fine weather in the early part of this week, with a good moon viewing index on the Lantern Festival.But jiangsu will see a new round of rain and snow later this week.But not as intense as the last round.On February 14th, the rainy weather took a break, and the sunshine disappeared for several days finally returned.15 is the Lantern Festival, the sky is less cloudy, conducive to enjoy the moon.Here to remind you to grasp these two days of time to dry clothes.According to the forecast of the meteorological department, there will be a significant precipitation process in most areas of the province from February 17 to 18.Liu Mei, chief forecaster of Jiangsu Meteorological Station, said, “From the night of February 17 to the morning of February 18, the precipitation will mainly be snow or sleet.Basically be in my province along the river area of southern Jiangsu will be relatively a few stronger.Light to moderate snow or sleet is expected in Nanjing, Zhenjiang and changzhou.In the southwest of our province, there may be some snow, but the depth of snow is not too great.”During the daytime of the 18th, with the rise of temperature, rainfall was the main thing in the province, and the weather turned better on the 19th.In addition, there will be two weak cold air impacts this week, on 15th to 16th and 19th to 20th respectively.Fortunately, the temperature drop is modest, between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius.”The lowest temperature is considered on the morning of February 20,” Liu said.For example, the temperature in Huaibei will be around -4℃, and in southern Jiangsu, it will be around 0℃.”February 13 entered the seventy-ninth day.As the saying goes, “Seven nine rivers open, nine nine wild geese come.”There is still rain and snow, but winter is coming to an end.The time of resurrection will come.(Reporting by Li Xuan and Zhang Zhongxuan) The copyright of this article belongs to Jiangsu Media Group.