Wang Junkai studio set up a venue to support the new brothers film, the friendship of three people, touching

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The closer the Spring Festival approaches, the more busy the domestic film industry will be, because the competition between the Spring Festival and the festival will also begin.To be honest, just looking at the films screened during this year’s Spring Festival, we can see that the competition is as fierce as ever. All kinds of films are competing for their beauty. There are almost any films that audiences want to see, such as Watergate Bridge (serious), Four Worlds (artistic) and The Incredible Family (funny).Even cartoons have “Boonie bears” in the Spring Festival for people to add joy and fun, in a word, although the Spring Festival has not started, but all kinds of Spring Festival films have started close publicity, the whole scene only a “busy” word can be described.However, it is interesting that the busiest part of this year’s Spring Festival is not the promotion of these films, but Wang Junkai. Why?Not only did he have “The Hedgehog”, “Broken Bridge”, “749 Bureau” and other films coming out, he also had to travel to “film bureau”.Hao Ran brother starred in the film will be released on the first day of the Chinese New Year, good brother Karry immediately said: packed!As a result, we can see the news released by Xiaokai Studio on Weibo, inviting fans to see the movie.Two other movies, Watergate Bridge and Stupid Kids, are also coming out soon. Kay immediately said: “We booked the movie!”All covered!It is precisely because of his this grand, directly lead to relevant entries in hot search list hung a whole day, people can not help but sigh these three good feelings at the same time, also praise Yu Xiaokai high eq, will be a man.There is no need to say much about the friendship between Kai and Yi Yangqianxi. They are the same group that made their debut and became famous. The “three Small” group is still the “white Moonlight” in the hearts of many post-90s and post-00s, whenever two or three of them fit together, it always sets off a “storm” among fans.The relationship between the three has always been good, and it’s no surprise that Jackson Yi’s new movie is coming out to support the brothers.As for Liu Haoran, the friendship between the two can be traced back to “Just be young”, several young people travel together, play together, in the travel to establish a deep friendship, this Hao Ran brother new film, good brothers to support, of course.It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the screening for good brothers, he also booked the screening for Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper”, “Sniper” this film, Karry and director Zhang Yimou collaborated on the film “The Great Wall”, and also with the actor Zhang Yi network drama “The Gate of Rebirth”, now the two cooperation of the film release,Karry is also very supportive. In this sense, Karry is a representative of high eq.