Spring Festival in rehab is like this

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During the Spring Festival of 2022, in order to enrich the abstinence life of drug addicts, relieve the feeling of homesickness, further create a rich festive atmosphere, and ensure that drug addicts spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, gansu Women’s Compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation Center launched a series of themed education activities of “Happy to say goodbye to the old Year and celebrate the New Year”.A phone call against the family a family phone, said the deep love between relatives, close the distance between drug addicts and their loved ones, has been from the family support and encouragement.Ma is the youngest group of four drug addicts, “rebellious” used to be her label.On the phone she said: “Mom, happy New Year!I am quite well here. With the patient guidance and warm company of the police officers, the institute held a Variety of Spring Festival evening party, prepared a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner and carried out various festival activities for us.Mom, I was wrong, is unfilial daughter, please rest assured, I will actively quit treatment, to ensure that every Spring Festival will accompany you together, the New Year, I hope you can be healthy and happy.”Send a greeting card to send New Year’s greetings, greeting cards warm people’s hearts.Provincial women’s institute also launched a “clever hand system greeting cards, New Year to send blessings” activities in the brigade police under the guidance of their own hands to make exclusive New Year greeting cards.Some of them expressed their thoughts and blessings to their loved ones, some expressed their guilt and gratitude to their families, and some reported their feelings and achievements of abstinence and treatment to their families.Although small, the greeting card carries the growth and transformation of drug addicts, the achievements of drug rehabilitation and the New Year’s message, and sets up a bridge of love between relatives.A letter home send acacia write a letter home, v. a paper love long.All brigades organize drug addicts to write letters to their families to report their abstinence and send New Year wishes.Li, a drug addict, wrote in the letter: “Daughter, my mother is sorry for missing your growth and your study, my baby. In the New Year, let’s cheer together, grow together and welcome a better new life!”They share their harvest and feeling of the past year in a letter. In the thin letter, every line is full of love and yearning, and every stroke is a good wish.The letter is very light, but full of missing for family, repentance for the past, sharing the desire for new life and freedom, carrying the drug addicts’ deep care for their families and New Year’s message.A tree xu hope a leaf a world, a tree a bodhi.On February 4, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, which coincides with the start of spring and meets the Winter Olympic Games, brigades launched the “2022, Let’s pledge to the future” campaign among drug addicts.Planting a grain of millet in spring and harvesting ten thousand seeds in autumn, the brigade police organized drug addicts to write their growth wishes for 2022 on the growing tree files, and made a New Year’s drug rehabilitation oath and treatment plan in a unique way.Source: Gansu Provincial Department of Justice