“Space small farmer female” reborn drought years, her space burst out fragrant rice pork ten thousand pounds, eat spicy drink!

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All sorts of beautiful novel, small make up for all mining as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!Today xiaobian to recommend: “space small farmer female” rebirth drought years, her space burst out fragrant rice pork million pounds, spicy drink!Introduction: Lu Yan er was originally a woman with a dear wife, but she was framed and married into a farmer by an ordinary woman. Fortunately, her husband regarded her as a treasure, and her days were gradually filled with flavor.Guxi Bridge narrowed her eyes and recognized it instantly, but she wasn’t surprised.She was shown to a guest room that had been made ready.Soon, a middle-aged woman came up with a suit.Guxi bridge just took the clothes, the sound of the system jumped out of my mind.Guxi bridge instantly understand that this is to do the system to release the task, she did read a lot of medical books in virtual space, but never in the human body practice, can not expect her to use her so little bit of medical skills out of the scourge of people: “how to cure the dead?”Guxi qiao quickly looked at the results of the system scan, while the medical book she had read in her mind, and almost instantly came up with the treatment method. She reached out and grabbed The wrist of Mrs. Zhang, thought for a moment, and then began to read, “45 grams of double flower, 45 grams of public English, 45 grams of gypsum, 30 grams of gentian, 30 grams of tuckaan, 30 grams of knotcusp…”See Zhang Sister-in-law a face confused appearance, Gu Xi bridge stopped.She walked around the room, found a pen and paper, and went on writing.”There is a slight lag between your steps. It is not obvious, but you can see it when you look closely.This is the root of the disease left after childbirth. Due to postpartum fatigue, premature water exposure, and no warm measures, the heel finger wrist joint pain occurred within a month, and then the right side of the coccyx pain, later improved after treatment, but the heel is still painful after walking a little more, when the day changes, it is unbearable pain can not walk.You’ll be partially paralyzed for two years at most.”Pathology is what she sees, and treatment history is what a systematic scan shows.With her ability and IQ, she has been in the virtual space for so many years, and she is not blind. The system feels that Guxi Qiao thinks her words of “curing the dead” are completely modest.After hearing this, Sister-in-law Zhang was more and more shocked, because Guxi qiao said that her illness was exactly the same as hers. If she had not seen her before, sister-in-law Zhang would have thought that the other party had investigated her own history.How do you know?”Guxi bridge finished writing the drug list, carefully looked at the next, make sure there is no mistake to pass Zhang Sister-in-law, “one internal, one external smoked, specific above write.Listen, is a woman to their own good point, the strong is strong, the weak never try to be brave, to let others see your fragile, someone love you.”Her voice is gentle, lazy smile, eyes like a layer of light warm light, clear eyes full of pity.Zhang Sister-in-law heart a sour, she knew her own character, when just entered the door of her mother-in-law every way picky, because he gave birth to a daughter was abandoned, postpartum three days on the ground.For the sake of her mother-in-law with her husband, did not think of the root of the disease, legs to a rainy day simply can not touch the ground, then her husband because of this divorce with her, she is not pain, but used to pay, used to endure.Ten years had passed, and now suddenly someone told her: Let others see your weakness, so that someone will love you.”Thank you!Sister-in-law zhang did not know what to say, looking at the prescription in the hand, some hazy eyes, even the words are not easy to observe the choking.(Click the following link to read the novel) the second: “Rebirth time: magic doctor charming Wife space” introduction: Yue Yun body with space to carry huge materials came to this time, this thought can live on the farm, suddenly rich arbitrary life.But the arrangement of the plot of the Japanese not to let the blood feud, and have to fix the fairy and have to learn medicine, this is resolutely not to let when rice bug rhythm!There is no way, brave scalp go up!The space keeps growing, the base keeps expanding.Famine also take materials out of the money to raise people.Yue Yun hold his head, oh my god!Why raise the person more and more!”Le Bao, give me a chance to repay your kindness!”‘I don’t need to repay you for saving your life!”I have money, I have power, I have people, I beg for shelter!””Don’t need, elder sister rich someone has strength!””Can’t you look at the level of appearance?””No no no, small fresh meat rampant, I want harem beauty three thousand.”Air instant solidification, someone silence a few seconds, carry lebao walk “do not think of others, I will do your beautiful three thousand!”Guide into the pit: just when they knelt down when Li Yaozu just looked on.Come to think of it, servants and Deadpool are different.Besides, After all, Li Yaozu had already married and was loyal, but there was someone who was more worthy of his attention.Fearing they might doubt her, Yue yun said, “After this, I have grown up.I will take good care of myself and don’t worry about me.””There are enemies between us, little miss, and we must have revenge, and you may be in danger if we do not.We will also teach you martial arts. At least you must be able to protect yourself.”Li Zhongrong continued to advise.Yue Yun thought, since can not escape it is better to face, his past life is an ordinary person, life is tasteless.Might as well make this life wonderful, also do not waste to go to this world.”What do you think?”Since yue Yun decided to get rid of the unsafe factors around, so I want to hear what is li Yaozu’s idea.Li Yaozu stood up, bent slightly and said to Yue Yun, “Young lady, please call me by my name when no one is around!I can’t bear to call my grandpa.As for revenge, I feel it must be avenged, but you are too young to know much about these things.What do you say we all build up enough strength to take our revenge?And I’m old and I can’t kill, but I can protect you with my life.”Yue Yun thought for a moment, feel good obedient who will say, but grandpa also confessed to use half of the trust to get along with them, Yue Yun don’t want to be around people backstabbing.Oneself also is not what ability person, also is not a person who can play heart.Yue Yun did not speak directly to the bedroom, in fact, is from the space to take loyalty Dan, loyalty Dan, as the name implies, is to let the other party loyal to you, as long as the Dan drops their blood will always be loyal with blood.”This is faithful Dan left by grandpa. If you want to take it, you can take it. If you don’t want to, you can turn around and leave.You can rest assured that if you eat it, you won’t be harmed, but if you betray it, you’ll die instantly.You should not feel that I doubt your loyalty, after all, I was so young, grandpa also for me a lot of consideration.Think about it.”(Click the following link to read the novel) Third book: “Space small farmer female” introduction: rebirth, dressed as a little girl, no noise, open your eyes and then separated home, also attached to a spirit fluid, spirit spring space!Big money!All kinds of essential equipment!However, can not so much ah!Bad father, stepmother’s baby too poor!Enter pit guide: “gu, you cut it into big paragraph boil 8 mature, then fish out, cut into small piece, braised in soy sauce got!””In this way, aunt will do it, you rest your hands!Leave it to me!Is the wound wet?At this time can not bake the fire, with the hand rub on the line, the fire will be raw frozen package!”Landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping landscaping.But many things, oneself also busy not come over!Stipulation of the kitchen work, so that the eyes are bright!I love that!The advantages of steamed stuffed bun, found a, remember a, save their own psychological imbalance!Not conducive to the growth of this small body body!”No water, aunt, don’t worry!I’m careful!”Brother went to help carry the soil, Yu Yue also embarrassed idle, burn some hot water, the jiang shopkeeper white bowl washed out, count, developed, there are twenty!Are two bowls, (bigger than today’s eating bowl, eat noodles bowl) can be loaded vegetables, but also can eat!Good, good!And there were three big soup bowls!And four smaller bowls, as it were!What a complete set!Though is old bowl, it is not a farm usual coarse bowls, and heavy and rough, there are color, but serious bowls, lightweight, and also not rough and it is white, than a large house fine porcelain, but also serious bowls, chopsticks is wood, wash it out, together with big pot of boiled, whole when disinfection!The tea is also cold, picked up a few bowls, left hand in his arms, carrying the teapot, Yu Yue went to the wall, send tea!Big guys did this for a long time, is thirsty, see Yu Yue came, all stopped their work, while complimented her, while drinking water, Yu Yue smiled and answered one by one!Really do not know their own mouth, can be sweet to this level, disorderly disgusting their one!While saying while carefully a look, this foundation dug, because there is no family on the edge, are wasteland, the original ridge is not very clear, plus will not damage whose profit, this dig to dig, are toward the outside dig, this circle of bao down, I am afraid of their home, to more than one mu and a half mu!Good thing!Good thing!It was getting dark, and my aunt’s hands and feet were quick, and the meal was cooked!There were more than 70 or 80 people who came to help. They all stayed to eat, but they had to eat all the food they bought at one meal.By dinnertime, many people had left, saying there was plenty of food in the house!Aunt repeatedly stay, finally agreed, in the future, everyone to help tomorrow, all bring food with vegetables, aunt tube cooked is, we are trying to warm up!Finally, is the patriarch to stay to eat, and a big grandma, this big grandma today in the yard did not less toss, son accompanied to the town, but no time to cook, can not say that they stay to eat!In the evening, she made a bed and slept in an empty house with a roof. At least she kept a set of her own quilts, so the three of them slept on a kang, each with a roll of bedding.This day, too exciting!Physically and mentally tired, the three fell asleep!Yuyue is big, but her aunt is not as old as her!This is looking forward to the night no one, do little moves, heard next to the aunt long breath, know is asleep!Raise a hand to check his bracelet!In the bowel, she had found that there was a change in the bracelet!But how to return a responsibility, is not through the grand prize, still not sure now!Touch the bracelet, Shouting including open sesame, including all kinds of incantations, the previous life back “heart sutra” also back a time, bracelet are motionless!With no shelter from the window shot in the moonlight, Yu Yue undead heart study this string of bracelet, accidentally the key and the copper lock these two hanging pendant together, feel the brain ‘ding’, Yu Yue found himself in!Space!Hit the jackpot!The corners of the mouth of joy are not completely turned up!It’s too stiff. That’s crazy!This is space, right?(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?At the end of the article below the comment area, xiaobian can see oh, looking forward to your message ~ more exciting click below to read: “Almighty Big guy can A can sweet” 18 years old was picked up by his family back to the city, A vest off, scared silly people!”Rebirth 80 splendid years” she returned to 80 embryo day, darling birth next Gemini, make up for infatuated major “teacher younger sister difficult to raise” she is a Buddhist teacher younger sister, beautiful, but was sick jiao elder brother locked into the dark room “space goddess” she installed ten department store building put space, return to the end of the world, eat and drink not worry!”Farmers and women farming space” the end of the female rebirth of the farm, space, lead the family well-off!