4-0!Ding junhui swept through the Derby to advance to the first step towards the championship

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Qualification for the 2022 Welsh Open snooker tournament continues on February 20, Beijing time.China’s Ding Junhui bowled 134 points to secure a 4-0 Derby victory over young Chinese rival Gao Yang last night to qualify for the Welsh Open and take the first step towards winning the championship.Ding junhui, 35, has won 22 titles in his career, including 14 ranked tournaments, and shot a perfect six-stroke 147.As the top snooker player in China, Ding junhui’s achievements are beyond doubt.However, in the last two years, Ding Junhui’s condition and strength declined seriously, and the world ranking has fallen to 31st.Thanks to the growth of zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, Chinese snooker still has two places in the world’s top 16.The Wells Open is a good place for Ding, who reached the final in 2012 and 2014 and won the championship and the Asian Championship.This service qualifier against 18 year old young gao Yang, Ding Junhui did not encounter too much obstacle, straight sets 4-0 sweep opponents easily qualified.Ding Junhui’s condition is also further improved, and all aspects are developing in a good direction.The First Chinese brother also successfully took the first step towards the championship.The best of 7 sets will be used in the qualifying rounds.In the first game, neither side was able to get into shape quickly, ding interrupted his attack with only 7 points, and then gao Yang hit 31 points and also failed. Ding hit 59 points again to take a 1-0 lead 68-51.The second set, both sides feel still not good, the game played very fragmentary.The two sides back and forth to convert the ball, the attack is also intermittent, Ding Junhui took the first hand to get 23 points into the defense, then Gao Yang got 41 points after the defense is not in place directly missed the ball, Ding Junhui took the hand again to win 50-41 narrowly.Holding a 2-0 lead.The new set mirrors the gain’s second.Both sides still make mistakes, Ding Junhui is not good, simple ball mistakes more, Gao Yang is limited, continuous attack ability is very poor, ding Junhui finally piecemically build advantage, and to win 55-31 again, Ding Junhui successive three cities to 3-0 lead and got 4 match points.The game was over.The fourth, Ding Junhui finally found the hand of continuous scoring, he took the lead in the hand to play a flowing attack, ball ability can still see the peak period of the level.With one red ball after another, Ding junhui hit a single shot of 134 to break 100 and complete the clean table.The end of the final game, Ding Junhui won four straight 4-0 swept gaoyang into the match.Watch the whole game.Although Ding junhui won the victory in straight sets, but two problems have not been solved, one is too many simple ball mistakes, one is the success rate of the far stage is not high.But at the same time, we also saw ding junhui’s progress and efforts. His bowling is still world-class, and his understanding of the situation is still very strong. As long as he holds the chance, he can also break 100 strokes to win.Therefore, we can look forward to Ding Junhui’s performance in the real card.I hope Ding Junhui can hit bottom and rebound to hit the champion after coming to futian, and get the 15th champion in the ranking as soon as possible!