This menghai Pu-erh Tea has a history of more than 100 years!

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Menghai, a living tea history, has profound tea culture connotation, known as “the first County of Pu ‘er tea”.It is recorded in the history of Tea in China that Pu people (Bulang people) were the earliest tea planters. Up to now, a large number of ancient tea trees and wild tea trees have been preserved in menghai County bulang people’s residence.At the beginning of the 20th century, a time-honored pu ‘er tea shop was founded in Menghai with a history of more than 100 years.As the third generation successor of Fu Maoxiang, Mr. Zhang Jinchuan, who has lived here since childhood, is naturally influenced by pu ‘er tea, and his love for Pu ‘er tea seems to flow in his blood.Before becoming a tea master in Pu ‘er, Mr. Zhang Jinchuan was also a soldier who served in the army for 13 years.What did his 13 years in the army bring him? The answer must be: perseverance, integrity and rigor, pursuit of excellence, and zero tolerance for defective products.After the end of his military career, Mr. Zhang Jinchuan felt the call of Pu ‘er tea rooted in Yunnan, he decided to go back to inherit this century-old tea shop, Fu Maoxiang, back to Yunnan, back to menghai County of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, the holy land of tea people.A good cup of tea is hard won. If you want to make a good cup of tea, you can only find the real good tea material by doing it yourself and going deep into the place of origin.In this magical land, breeds a number of wonderful taste, only thoroughly into here, can the soil grow out of the fragrance here, to every corner of the world.After returning to Yunnan, Mr. Zhang jinchuan began to learn the craft of making tea from scratch.He inherited the method of making tea from a hundred years ago and perfected it.From the beginning of the unskilled gradually tempered to independent, behind this is Mr. Zhang Jinchuan quietly hard work.No matter in cold weather or hot summer, Mr. Zhang Jinchuan always insists on trying various methods of tea frying and studying various ways of mixing tea, so as to enhance the strengths and avoid the weaknesses and reflect the wonderful taste of Pu ‘er.Day in and night out.In addition to in-depth learning of tea making techniques, Mr. Zhang Jinchuan also climbed mountains and mountains to personally enter the depths of yunnan mountains to search for pure materials for ancient trees, wade through numerous streams and mountains and valleys, and search for ancient tea gardens to continuously select the best materials.With this persistent love and the tenacious character developed in 13 years of military service, Mr. Zhang Jinchuan has strict requirements for every step of tea making, from green picking to withering and rolling. He has been rushing to the front line to control product quality, care for each cake tea, and keep improving like an art work.Looking at the old photos hanging on the wall, time seems to go back to a hundred years ago. At that time, it was just established and broke out a world in Menghai by virtue of good raw materials and good technology, and gained a good reputation.Mr. Zhang Jinchuan believes that the original will not change the ingenuity of the spirit of inheritance, will be able to set sail in the new era.Now, Mr. Zhang Jinchuan leads the team to explore new tea products constantly, paying attention to every detail of tea making, hoping to improve the quality of tea to the utmost while ensuring the cost performance of products.He wants to bring tea from the depths of Yunnan to all his tea friends, so that everyone can taste a cup of good tea worth more than the price!